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A group of people standing on the top of the Besseggen ridge in Jotunheimen A group of people standing on the top of the Besseggen ridge in Jotunheimen A group of people standing on the top of the Besseggen ridge in Jotunheimen
A group of people standing on the top of the Besseggen ridge in Jotunheimen A group of people standing on the top of the Besseggen ridge in Jotunheimen

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Go hiking in Norway and discover why the locals can’t get enough of nature. Our most scenic landscapes are definitely best enjoyed on foot.

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Late spring in Norway: Rays of sunlight are finally showering the landscape, forcing the snow in the mountains to a silent retreat, and waking the flowers after their winter sleep. Enter the start of the hiking season. After a long winter, people of all age groups and social backgrounds head outdoors and go trekking in the mountains, along the coast, or in the forests. And you are more than welcome to join us in our unashamed love affair with nature.

The varied scenery, from popular marked trails and tourist attractions to wild and untamed mythical landscapes, has earned Norway a well-deserved reputation as a major hiking destination in Europe. A few examples of classic (and challenging!) hiking routes are Preikestolen, Trolltunga, Galdhøpiggen, Besseggen, and Romsdalseggen.

Preikestolen Preikestolen
Photo: Terje Rakke / Nordic Life AS /

These iconic hikes are visited by people from all over the world, and tend to be a bit crowded during weekends from mid-June to the end of July. However, if you hit the trails during weekdays you will probably meet fewer people and get more space for yourself. Or you can take the trip when the landscape get painted in red, yellow, and orange during late summer and autumn. At this time, you can enjoy the scenic surroundings practically undisturbed.

Places to go

Destinations with hiking offers
M?tind, And?y, Vester?len
See gems like Vesterålen or the North Cape in a new light by going hiking under the midnight sun. Read more
Hiking in Northern Norway
Experience Norwegian culture and history, and take part in a European tradition – a pilgrimage is a journey in more than one sense. Read more
Pilgrimage on the St. Olav Ways
In the Jotunheimen area, the National Park Region and Valdres offer easy access to classic routes like Besseggen. Read more
Hiking in the Jotunheimen area
Hydalen Valley near Hemsedal
Explore our top hiking tips in the mountains around Hemsedal, an area known as "the Scandinavian Alps". Read more
Hiking in Hemsedal and Golsfjellet
Hiking, Romsdalseggen
Head to Fjord Norway if you've got your mind set on classic hiking adventures like Preikestolen or Trolltunga. Read more
Hiking in Fjord Norway
In Southern Norway, both Telemark and Setesdal have a varied landscape with hiking options for the whole family. Read more
Hiking in Telemark and Setesdal
Top iconic mountain hikes
The Norwegian Trekking Association presents their favourite iconic mountain hikes in Norway.
Slogen is arguably the finest summit in the Sunnm?re Alps and the view is impressive! From the fjord a triangular pyramid-like feature rises straight… Read more
Hiking trip to Slogen (1564 m.o.h.)
Trollheimen triangle via three lodges, Gjevilvasshytta, J?ldalshytta and Trollheimshytta, It's one of two classic tours in Trollheimen, and it's… Read more
Trekanten - Hiking tour in Trollheimen mountain area
The most beautiful hike in Norway! The trip across the Romsdalseggen ridge is to be found in the middle of the most stunning mountain area of Norway!… Read more
Hike the Romsdalseggen ridge
Dronningruta [The Queen's Route] is a marked trail about 15 km long and is a 'round trip' along the shoreline and over the mountain between Nyksund… Read more
Dronningruta [The Queen's Route]
9 hikes for everyone
You don’t have to be a mountaineer to enjoy the Norwegian mountains. There are numerous family-friendly walking excursions that are suitable for beginners.
Read more
If you park at Vinddalen, it only takes just over an hour in easy terrain to walk to Sk?pet. Read more
The Hedmarksvidda plateau has many short hiking routes, which makes it a great area for families who want to have a go at their first cabin to cabin… Read more
A weekend at Skrim lets you enjoy short distances and pleasant cabins. Read more
The trail network in Kjekstadmarka offers varied terrain with everything from open and airy pine forest to exciting ravines. Read more
If you’d like a taste of the Hardangervidda mountain plateau combined with short day-walks and absolute relaxation, the hike to Sandhaug is… Read more
Femundsmarka is a place where you get to walk through fairy tale primeval forest with an infinite number of trees and boulders to climb. Read more
The terrain in Langsua is easy to walk in, and the legs are short if you start your hike from the north. Read more
Fjordruta goes around Vinjefjord in Nordm?re and includes a total of 13 tourist lodges. Read more
Use the self-service Gullhorgabu cabin, especially designed to accommodate families with children, as a starting point for nice hikes in Bergsdalen. Read more
8 walks in Norwegian forests
With good footwear and some food in your backpack, you can head for a tranquil area where all you hear is your own heartbeat. These are Norway’s peaceful green lungs.
Read more
Take a trip to the wild and beautiful Vassfaret mountain valley and experience an outdoor excursion that ties together wilderness, history, and the… Read more
The Triangle at Vassfaret
Goliaten, Finnemarka
Easily accessible in Finnemarka
Finnemarka north of Drammen has great forest terrain and many cabins.
Easily accessible in Finnemarka
The Train to Romeriks?sen
One of the most easily accessible forest areas in Norway is located just outside Oslo, not least because the train passes right by it.
The Train to Romeriks?sen
The Krokskogen forest stretches to the east and north from highway E16 through B?rum, over Sollih?gda, and all the way up toward Jevnaker. Read more
Easy weekend hike in Krokskogen forest
The World War II refugee route Spiker’n was never discovered by the Germans and was used until the end of the war. Read more
Hike along the Refugee Route
The more than 100-year-old Mj?vasshytta cabin in Austheiene is beautifully situated on a small hill overlooking Mj?vatnet Lake. Read more
The Nesvatn Triangle
Hiking over to the Swedish parts of Femundsmarka offers you a rich wilderness experience in lush wooded terrain. Read more
Swedish fling in Femundsmarka
Dividalen in Troms county is a good starting point for hiking trips. Read more
Get that wilderness feeling in Dividalen
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    Many travellers choose hiking as a way to explore the Norwegian fjord landscape or to walk on a glacier on a guided tour. Our 46 national parks, which are free and open to the public all year, are further playgrounds for recreational adventures.

    Softer trekking options are also available – most trails are marked according to difficulty, so make sure you choose a route that suits your level. And whether you decide on a challenging or a small-scale hike, you can always make it easier for yourself and let experts guide you. Up and down the country, experienced guides with local knowledge are ready to make your adventure safe and enjoyable.

    Numerous wooden cabins all over the country offer convenient and affordable accommodation for hikers. Many are of a fairly basic standard, but don’t be surprised if you come across a hiking lodge with a fancy design – quite a few have been designed by ambitious architects. And if you want a little bit of luxury, there is no shortage of grand hotels to choose from.

    Book a stay in a Historic Hotel

    As an extra plus, they happen to be excellent bases for hiking in the surroundings.

    Find your Historic Hotel

    Hiking with the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT)

    The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) runs more than 550 affordable hiking cabins all over Norway. Comfort levels vary, but you may be surprised – some cabins have been built by first-rate architects.

    Hike from cabin to cabin along the coast, in the forests, and in the mountains.

    Plan your hike with DNT

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