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Explore the Oslofjord from your bicycle

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You’ll be surprised and charmed by idyllic spots, lovely beaches and the harbour villages along the coast.

The well prepared trail on the attractive Oslofjord coastline will take you along cycling paths and tranquil country lanes around the fjord leading up to Oslo, the capital of Norway. Discover the hidden charm of the harbour villages, while bicycling on small, low traffic roads.

Accommodation will be provided in centrally located hotels, and your luggage will be transported as you enjoy picturesque views, refreshing swims and historical sites. 

Departures every Monday from the 5th of June until the 11th of September.

Stops along the route
A few decades ago Drammen had a reputation for being a somewhat grey industrial town. Today, however, you are greeted by fashionable surroundings and… Read more
A seaside town offering plenty of outdoor pursuits, Horten also boasts a rich heritage dating back to Viking times. In nearby ?sg?rdstrand you can… Read more
?sg?rdstrand has been a popular holiday and seaside resort since the 1920s. Up through the years the town has retained its popularity as a holiday…
The oldest town in Norway. From the Vikings of old times to the tourists of today, people have always flocked to T?nsberg. The T?nsberg area is a… Read more
In the footsteps of the Vikings. Sandefjord boasts miles of coastline, as well as a rich historical heritage. Vikings have left their mark here, as… Read more
The small town of Str?mstad, Sweden is known for being a harbour for shrimp fishing, and has a nice downtown area with many restaurants and shops.
Summer charm in a historical setting. Fredrikstad is a cosy city with deep historical roots. And it’s home to one of the best-preserved fortress towns… Read more
The town of Moss and its surrounding areas have the most beaches in the whole of the county of ?stfold, a rich industrial heritage, and a flourishing… Read more
Stunning coastal town with typical wooden houses, restaurants and art galleries.
Dr?bak, Follo
Dr?bak is also called the Christmas town, the garrison town, the arts town, the restaurant town and the golf, tennis and riding town. Dr?bak is…
Between the Oslofjord and the forests lies Oslo, Norway’s capital and largest city, with its vibrant social scene and special combination of nature… Read more
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    Day 1:

    Your tour starts in Drammen, a modern, thriving city at the north-west end of the fjord. 

    Day 2:

    The first leg takes you to the marine town Horten, with its remarkable district of Karljohansvern, former shipyard and main base for the Royal Norwegian Navy.

    Day 3:

    The next day, you cycle on small paths and roads towards delightful Åsgårdstrand, summer residence of the celebrated painter Edvard Munch and motif of several well-known paintings. Your path continues along beautiful beaches and further on to the medieval town of Tønsberg, Norway’s oldest settlement.

    You have entered the mystic, former lands of the Vikings and will be amazed by the spectacular archeological discoveries that were made in this area. In the harbour of Tønsberg you can admire a replica of a viking ship, as well as several viking graves in the surrounding area. Your itinerary continues through a farmland landscape to the town of Sandefjord, once the Norwegian whaling capital.

    Day 4:

    The following day starts with an early morning departure on a car ferry from Sandefjord to Strömstad in Sweden, on the east side of the Oslo Fjord. Arriving in Strömstad, you will be going for a loop on small roads and small villages north of the town. Bring your swimming gear, and your towl.


    Photo: Bent van Vuuren

    The small town of Strömstad is known for being a harbour for shrimp fishing, and has a nice downtown area with many restaurants and shops.

    In the afternoon, you will board the passenger ferry “Sagasund”, which will take you along many beautiful islands back to Norway and to the town of Fredrikstad.


    Photo: Visit Horten

    Day 5:

    The next leg will lead you further north along the stunning coast towards Moss and Son with their typical wooden houses, restaurants and art galleries.

    Day 6:

    Your last day of cycling takes you through rural areas to the lovely little seaside town Drøbak, where the fjord is at its most narrow. You may visit the aquarium or check out Norway’s all year round Christmas Village, including Santa’s post office.

    This is where the bike tour ends, and you take a regular boat or bus enjoying the lovely view over the fjord once more on your way to Oslo.

    Oslo is the perfect place to finish your trip enjoying a wide range of historical and architectonical sites, cultural events, restaurants and shopping areas. The capital of Norway offers anything you might wish from a capital in a relaxed, Scandinavian atmosphere.

    Day 7:

    Enjoy your breakfast at your centrally located hotel in Oslo before you embark on activities of your own choosing. 

    Price from NOK 7,500 per person in a double room.

    Price includes 6 nights with breakfast in centrally located hotels, 3 dinners, luggage transportation, route descriptions and maps, GPX files, boat Sandefjord - Strømstad - Fredrikstad, hotline service.

    Images from the tour

    Biking in Moss
    Bent van Vuuren
    Boats in the Dr?bak harbour
    Bent van Vuuren
    Skallevollstranda beach in T?nsberg
    Bent van Vuuren
    By the waterfront in Dr?bak
    Laura Azzarelli
    Biking in Son centrum
    Bent van Vuuren

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