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Arctic Race Arctic Race
Arctic Race.
Photo: ARN / Rune Dahl
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Watch some of the world’s best cyclists
compete in Northern Norway

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Running from 16 August to 19 August 2018, the 6th edition of the Arctic Race of Norway is made up of 4 stages and covers a total distance of 732 kilometres.

Some of the best pro cyclists in the world will compete, surrounded by stunning, wild and dramatic Norwegian scenic backdrops. The race can be seen on TV worldwide and gets extensive media coverage. However, we invite you to come to Norway and see and explore what the Arctic Race of Norway is all about. Be prepared for cheering crowds, fun activities and welcoming hosts.

But you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy cycling along the winding roads of Norway yourself. You don’t even have to bring your own bike. From late spring until autumn, you can find numerous biking adventures throughout the country, either on the roads or on off road tracks.

Arctic Race of Norway 2018 – Stages

Stage 1: Vadsø–Kirkenes 190,5 kilometres

Stage 2: Tana–Kjøllefjord 195 kilometres

Stage 3: Honningsvåg–Hammerfest 201 kilometres

Stage 4: Kvalsund–Alta 145,5 kilometres

Arctic Race 2018Map source ASO

Cycling offers in Arctic Norway

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