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Two people hiking in the mountains above Hj?rundfjord Two people hiking in the mountains above Hj?rundfjord
Hiking above Hj?rundfjord.
Photo: Mattias Fredriksson /
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Plan three days in Fjord Norway south of Ålesund, based on inside information from the director of Nordfjord folk museum.

Even better trips with local tips

Local historian Anne Kristin Moe gives a starter guide to the dramatic surroundings of Nordfjord. She knows this part of Fjord Norway well, having spent a happy childhood in the city of Ålesund.

Now she works and lives in Sandane, a village situated by the Gloppefjord, a branch of the Nordfjord. The head of Nordfjord folk museum recently moved back to her cherished fjord landscape from Oslo, where she worked as conservator at the Norwegian Folk Museum.

These are the destinations she would take family and friends to when they come to visit.

Anne Kristin Moe Anne Kristin Moe
Anne Kristin Moe.
Photo: Anne Kristin Moe
Plan your round trip
In Nordfjord you are greeted by a beautiful stretch of coastline, towering mountains and the biggest glacier on mainland Europe, Jostedalsbreen. Read more
The district museum for Nordfjord, it has 44 old houses of historical interest, mostly from the 18th and 19th centuries. Many of the houses are… Read more
Nordfjord Folk Museum
Guests from all over the world come to visit this famous glacier arm set attractively between roaring waterfalls and high peaks. Briksdalsbreen is an… Read more
Briksdal Glacier
You could go hiking or skiing, admire Ålesund's unique Art Nouveau architecture, explore the fjords – or just kick back and enjoy the… Read more
The ?lesund and Sunnm?re area
The beautiful Hjørundfjord takes the breath away from an increasing number of travellers as it cuts 35 kms into the massive mountains of the… Read more
Fjords of Fjord Norway
The deep blue UNESCO-protected Geirangerfjord is surrounded by majestic, snow- covered mountain peaks, wild waterfalls and lush, green vegetation. Read more
The Geirangerfjord area
In Nordfjord you are greeted by a beautiful stretch of coastline, towering mountains and the biggest glacier on mainland Europe, Jostedalsbreen. Read more
The Sognefjord is Norway’s longest and deepest fjord, and it’s famous arm the Nærøyfjord has World Heritage status. The… Read more
The Sognefjord area
The wildest and most beautiful branch of the Sognefjord. The Naeroyfjord the most beautiful and wildest arm of the Sognefjord is on the UNESCO World… Read more
The UNESCO N?r?yfjord
From the fjord itself to Folgefonna glacier and the iconic Trolltunga, the Hardangerfjord region offers Norwegian nature at its most scenic. The area… Read more
The Hardangerfjord region
Step on world famous mountain plateaus like Preikestolen and Kjerag, and then challenge yourself on the 4444 steps of the wooden staircase of… Read more
The Lysefjord area
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    Day 1: Discover the Nordfjordeid village

    Start your adventure by hanging out with the locals in the historic wooden village of Nordfjordeid in Nordfjord. See art exhibitions in the cultural centre Gamlebanken and take a stroll down the main street Eidsgata with its quirky shops and pleasant cafés. If you feel like getting closer to nature, Nordfjord offers wonderful hiking opportunities as well.

    Jump on the ferry from Nordfjordeid and enjoy the scenery along the way to Sandane, located at the end of the Gloppefjord.

    Day 2: Hiking towards Briksdalsbreen

    Continue your holiday on ice. Only a one hour and twenty minute drive from Sandane, you’ll reach the Briksdalsbreen glacier, an adventure for the whole family. It is beautifully located north of the Jostadalsbreen glacier at the very inner end of the Oldedalen valley in Stryn.

    The walk from the parking lot to the glacier is suitable for most people.

    Day 3: Trip to Ålesund via Hjørundfjorden

    After the wonderfully surreal glacier hiking the day before, go for something completely different with a visit to Ålesund and the underestimated Hjørundfjord. Many locals consider this fjord to be as beautiful as the Geirangerfjord, but with fewer tourists.

    The city of Ålesund is known for its historic centre with art nouveau buildings and numerous detailed decorations.

    Tour & sightseeing options in the area

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