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Larvik Larvik
Photo: Anders Martinsen
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The easy way to Norway

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When you choose Color Line, you will have the widest range of options. Select between six international ferry routes and ten ports in Norway, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

About Color Line

Color Line is Norway’s largest cruise ferry company, offering up to 12 daily departures to 4 destinations in Norway. Our 6 ships have a high standard and offer either fast crossings by state-of-the-art high-speed ferries or the full cruise experience onboard our new cruise ships.

The world’s largest cruise ships with car decks, Color Fantasy and Color Magic, provide guests with an unforgettable cruise experience on the voyage from Kiel to Oslo (20 hours).

Routes to Norway

The ships

  • M/S Color Fantasy
  • M/S Color Magic
  • M/S Color Viking
  • SuperSpeed 1
  • SuperSpeed 2
  • M/S Bohus

On board Color Line

Color Line's ships offer facilities and activities suitable for every age group. On board there are all categories of restaurants and large tax-free shops with a wide selection of goods.

M/S Color Fantasy and M/S Color Magic

We are proud to offer daily departures with the cruise ships Color Fantasy and Color Magic between Oslo and Kiel. M/S Color Fantasy is the world’s largest cruise ship with a car deck.

Both ships are custom built for shorter cruises, placing special emphasis on the passengers’ on board experience. All cabins are of a high standard, with TV and mini bar. The ships offer a broad array of entertainment and shopping, a spa and fitness centre and a variety of restaurants.

M/S Bohus

If you are visiting Norway from Sweden, we also offer crossing with M/S Bohus between Strömstad and Sandefjord. The trip takes 2 hours and 30 minutes.


Travel from Denmark on our new and moderen SuperSpeed ships. With daily departures to Larvik and Kristiansand the ships will guarantee you a speedy and comfortable passage and offer every facility.

The crossing to Larvik takes 3 hours and 45 minutes, and to Kristiansand
3 hours and 15 minutes.

Color Line offers the best choice of transport at competitive prices and will bring you to Norway in comfort and style.


We offer a wide range of cabins on our ships from the roomy five-star Color Class suites to the more modest one-star cabins.

Safety on board

For Color Line your safety is the top priority onboard. It is not enough to be safe whilst onboard, you should also feel safe.

Travel with Color Line to Norway

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