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From ancient times, we Norwegians have been a seafaring people, not just because we love the sea, but because we have had to be. These days, bridges and undersea tunnels are appearing everywhere, but not that long ago, there were many places you couldn’t get to unless you went by boat.

Even today, car ferries are a fact of life in Fjord Norway and Northern Norway, where fjords cut deeply into the landscape and make it impossible – or at the very least inconvenient – to get up or down the coast by car without crossing the odd fjord.

Hurtigruten, the coastal steamer that serves over 30 ports along the Norwegian coast, had a similarly crucial role in the olden days. Today, it is a journey more of pleasure and relaxation than necessity, but the many ships still traffic the coastline from Bergen in the south-west to Kirkenes in the far north.

Far from all the passenger boats in Norway accept cars, by the way. In many towns and cities there are small passenger ferries, from tiny “Beffen” in Bergen and “Sundbåten” in Kristiansund, to the ferries that connect Oslo to the islands in the Oslofjord.

Not to mention in the Lofoten Islands, where the various boat services form the geographical glue that keeps the many islands connected. Along the coast, express boat services also serve to bridge the gaps that the trains cannot cover. From Stavanger, via Bergen and to various communities in the Sognefjord area, for instance, catamarans provide speedy and convenient travel from one place to the next. The same goes for various small villages in the fjords, which in earlier times could only be reached by rowboat.

Ad: Check rates at Hurtigruten - "The World’s Most Beautiful Sea Voyage"

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Ferries and boats in Norway

Especially in Fjord Norway, where you find the world famous fjords, the road suddenly ends and the journey continues by ferry.

Express boats and car ferries

Express boats and car ferries sail up and down the coast, in sheltered waters and across open seas, to towns and villages, and islands large and small. They provide perfect logistics for a holiday of island hopping, or an itinerary entirely of your own choosing.

Be warned, there may be queues in the summer months. For the most popular ferries, you are wise to queue early: Geiranger–Hellesylt and Lauvvik–Lysebotn.

For more information about ferry and boat timetables, please contact the following companies:
  • Fjord1 (operates in Fjord Norway, Eastern Norway and Trøndelag)
  • Norled (operates in Eastern Norway, Southern Norway, Fjord Norway, Trøndelag and Northern Norway)
  • Fjord Line (operates in Fjord Norway)
  • Kolumbus (public transport in Rogaland in Fjord Norway)
  • Rødne Fjord Cruise (operates in Fjord Norway)
  • The Senja Ferries (operates in Troms and Vesterålen in Northern Norway)
  • Bjørklid Ferjerederi (operates in Lyngen in Northern Norway)
  • Bastø Fosen (between Moss and Horten in Eastern Norway)

Hurtigruten (The Norwegian Coastal Voyage)

The long-established Hurtigruten sails from Bergen to Kirkenes in Finnmark. The journey Bergen–Kirkenes–Bergen takes 11 days. This voyage is an exquisite way to experience the natural beauty of the coast. It is indeed “the world's most beautiful sea voyage”. What fascinates tourists most are all the tiny and not-so-tiny communities they stop by at along the way.

Departures are daily and there are frequent stops along the coast. The ships can accommodate cars, making it easy to combine the cruise with a holiday in different places ashore.

Boat trips on inland lakes

It is not only coastal Norway that offers boat trips. For example you can take a trip on Norway's largest lake, Lake Mjøsa, with the world's oldest paddle steamer Skibladner. Or travel in the Jotunheimen Mountains with the Gjende Boats.

Travel to Norway by ferry

There are many ferries sailing from Denmark:

From Germany (Kiel) Color Line's ships Color Fantasy and Color Magic take you to Norway. Color Line also sails from Sweden (Strömstad).

More ways to travel in Norway


Explore and admire the splendours of Arctic Norway

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