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黑龙江时时彩杀码号:Musk ox safari

Musk oxen at Dovrefjell–Sunndalsfjella Musk oxen at Dovrefjell–Sunndalsfjella
Musk oxen at Dovrefjell–Sunndalsfjella.
Photo: Oppdal Safari / Sigbj?rn Frengen

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To get close to an animal like the musk ox makes you forget the time and place. To see the mighty animals dressed up in their heavy winter coat, often covered in a flurry of snow, is a dream come true for a hobby photographer. It can be difficult at first to determine if it is actually an animal or a landscape that you see. But with binoculars or a powerful camera lens, you quickly realize that it is the rare musk ox you have in front of you, and immediately have all your doubts set aside.

A majestic animal

It is rare that the musk ox comes towards people, but at the same time it is a curious animal who likes to control what it is surrounded by, so there is always a sense of excitement in the air whilst watching the animal. The musk ox can have a weight of 400 kg and run up to 60 kilometres an hour. Even though the distance the guide stops at may at first feel exciting, but you quickly realize that it is for your own safety that it is safest to keep the animals at a certain distance.

An Exclusive Experience

Whilst there used to be a large musk ox stock in Norway - thirty- to one hundred thousand years ago, you’ll find today there are only about 220 animals remaining, and the whole flock is at Dovrefjell. In other words, it is really an exclusive experience you can get if you are taking a trip on the musk ox safari at Dovre.


Be careful - use guides

The guides from Kongsvold Fjeldstue or Oppdal Safari gladly take you on a trip into Dovrefjell to look for the mighty musk ox. The tours take anything from five to seven hours, and along the way you may be lucky enough to see, amongst other things, reindeer and grouse.

Other adventurous winter experiences

Musk ox safari

One of the most exclusive types of safari you can go on in Trøndelag is a musk ox safari. Dovre, south of Oppdal, is one of the few places on earth you can get close to the musk ox.

How to get to Oppdal

Plane: Trondheim Airport is a 2 hour 45 minutes drive from Oppdal. 
Train: The stop Oppdal Skysstasjon has 3-4 trains arriving from Oslo a day, and 4 trains arriving from Trondheim. From Oslo it takes about 5 hours, and from Trondheim it takes about 1,5 hours. 
Bus: From Trondheim you can get to Oppdal with AtB. From Oslo you can use the buscompanies Lavprisekspressen or Nettbuss. 
Distance: From Oslo: 413 kilometres (E6), 5 hours 11 minutes.
From Trondheim: 119 kilometres (E6), 1 hour 50 minutes.

Always use a guide

The musk ox can weigh 400 kg and run up to 60 km an hour, so it is very important to not seek out the musk ox without experienced guides and never go closer than 200 metres. 

Find your trip here: 

Musk Ox safari at Dovrefjell
Musk Ox safari at Kongsvold
Musk Ox safari from Hjerkinnhus
Musk Ox Safari Personal Tour
Musk Ox Safari Personal Tour, 2 days

What to bring

Equipment: Good hiking shoes, warm clothes, windproof jacket, food and water.

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