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Man with fishing rod and backpack by the Lakavatnet lake in Namdalen, Tr?ndelag Man with fishing rod and backpack by the Lakavatnet lake in Namdalen, Tr?ndelag
By Lakavatnet lake in Namdalen.
Photo: Steinar Johansen

Bring your gear and step outside

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Boasting a pristine coastline, plenty of rivers, and three national parks, Namdalen is a natural hub for outdoor pursuits.

Fosnes ferry quay
Steinar Johansen
Anne Grete Walaunet
A bear in Namsskogan family park
Kristin Smestad
Camping in Lierne
Steinar Johansen
Norveg, R?rvik
The coastal museum Norveg in R?rvik
Steinar Johansen
Skiing in Grong
Kurt Are Lona

Getting here and around

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  • Namdalen train

    By train

    The Norwegian State Railways’ daily train routes between Trondheim and Bodø serves many destinations in Namdalen, including Snåsa, Grong, Harran, Lassemoen, and Namsskogan.

    Ad: Check out NSB’s webpage for prices and timetables.

  • Namdalen car

    By car

    The main road through Norway, E6, practically runs straight through Namdalen, which makes the region easy to reach by car.

    National Tourist Route Helgelandskysten from Steinkjer to Bodø runs through Namsos and Rørvik.

    Ad: AutoEurope – always a smooth rental experience

  • Namdalen bus

    By bus

    Many express buses serve Namdalen from elsewhere in Norway.

    There are several local bus routes within the Namdalen area.

  • Namdalen bus

    By boat

    You can travel from Namsos on M/S Namdalingen to places such as Rørvik and Leka.

    Hurtigruten, The Norwegian Coastal Voyage, calls daily at Rørvik.

    Ad: Hurtigruten – “The World’s Most Beautiful Sea Voyage”

  • Namdalen plane

    By plane

    Namsos Airport has direct flights to and from Bodø, Mosjøen, Rørvik, and Trondheim Airport.

    Rørvik Airport has direct flights to and from Mo i Rana, Namsos, and Trondheim Airport Værnes.

    Trondheim Airport offers flight connections to Norway and much of Europe.

    Ad: Widerøe– the largest regional airline in Scandinavia

Namdalen also offers …

There is no need to wait until you’re here to find out what you’d like to do. Filter your search and check out the offers below.

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