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Kayaking along Kystriksveien Kayaking along Kystriksveien Kayaking along Kystriksveien
Kayaking along Kystriksveien Kayaking along Kystriksveien
Kayaking along Kystriksveien.
Photo: Explore Ytre Namdal
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地方时时彩:Kayaking along the Kystriksveien coastal route

Thousands of islands, islets and skerries await those who wish to explore Kystriksveien by kayak. The Helgeland Coast is considered by many to be one of Norway’s best kayaking areas; however, the Namdal Coast and Meløy can also offer visitors some magnificent kayaking experiences.
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Would you like to try kayaking?

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An introductory course is the perfect way to try kayaking for the first time. You will not only learn the most elementary kayaking techniques as the intro course also provides a nice tour experience.

All of the kayaking operators on this page  offer both introductory courses and short/long trips.

Kayaking as part of a bicycle tour?

It is easy to combine a bicycle tour with a kayaking day during your trip along the Kystriksveien coastal route, and it offers some nice variety and a fantastic nature experience.

Kystriksveien Reiseliv can customize your bicycle tour while also including a kayaking experience along the way. Contact us for a customized tour plan!

Kayaking along the Helgeland / Nordland coast

Helgeland is considered by many to be one of Norway’s best kayaking areas and extends from Torghatten in the south to Meløy in the north.

Rock's 'n Rivers is located at Engavågen in Meløy, south of Bodø, and takes you or your group along for evening kayaking during the summer season with the marina at Engavågen as your starting point. The trip takes about 3 hours and requires no previous experience! They also organize trips and courses on request.

Hav og fritid at Nesna just north of Sandnessjøen organizes guided kayak trips in the central section of Helgeland with main focus on the areas: Nesna - Tomma  - Lovund - Onøy - Rødøy.

Tømmervika opplevelsessenter is located at Tjøtta just south of Sandnessjøen and organizes scheduled trips along the whole of Helgeland and custom trips on request. Kayak rentals and courses.

Vega Opplevelsesferie is located at Nes on Vega and offers rentals of sea kayaks including all equipment, and they also offer guided trips on request. Nes on Vega is a nice starting point for kayaking trips, and in 2014 a fully updated, tear-/waterproof kayaking/tour map was made for this area. Kayaking courses are also offered.

Nordnorsk Opplevelse is situated on the dock in Brønnøysund and offers kayak rentals and guided trips for groups on request. They also have RIB safaris, and they organize adventures/tours for larger groups and companies.

Kayaking along the Namdal Coast

Explore Ytre Namdal is located at Abelvær just south of Rørvik, and offers guided tours along the Namdal Coast - from Namsos in the south to Leka in the north. They also offer kayak rentals, scheduled trips to Sør Gjæslingan, Eagle safaris, and RIB safaris in the Vikna archipelago.

Hansvik Sport in Rørvik offers sea kayak rentals, including all equipment. They can also gladly offer tour suggestions with Rørvik and Vikna as the starting points.

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