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Sword in Stone, Hafrsfjord Sword in Stone, Hafrsfjord Sword in Stone, Hafrsfjord
Sword in Stone, Hafrsfjord Sword in Stone, Hafrsfjord
Sword in Stone, Hafrsfjord.
Photo: Richard Larssen/

黑龙江福利彩票时时彩:Top offbeat places in Norway


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Widely travelled journalist and discerning adventurer, Jens A. Riisnæs, lists his 25 favourite places in Norway, many of them off the beaten track.

“I wanted to list some not so obvious parts of Norway that are equally rewarding as the more well-known destinations. These are all tours I have personally done and would like to do again,” Riisnæs tells, while alleging that Norway now also has the advantage of being a high-tech society, a laboratory of the future mixed with historical elements from all the way back to the Stone Age.

“From the very start of tourism, Norway has been among the world’s top destinations”, claims Riisnæs. “When it comes to natural beauty, we compete with few other countries. We also have the fjords, the summer light, the northern lights, the Gulf stream and a change between the seasons like no other country in the world. The Sami people traditionally divide the year in eight seasons. “I myself think we have at least twelve”, states Riisnæs.

“The country is in many ways a living folk museum – open for everyone to explore. This applies well to travel trends where the hunt for authenticity is increasingly important to the discerning tourist. It’s the ideal country for conscious, modern travelling,” claims Riisnæs.

“Norwegian cuisine has improved a lot in recent years. The cooking has always benefited from fresh, natural ingredients. Now we also have the know-how to utilize them to the highest international standards.”

Eastern and Southern Norway

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