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A couple padling in the fjord outside of ?lesund A couple padling in the fjord outside of ?lesund A couple padling in the fjord outside of ?lesund
A couple padling in the fjord outside of ?lesund A couple padling in the fjord outside of ?lesund
Photo: Fred Jonny Hammer? / M?re og Romsdal fylke

云南时时彩开奖结果:Top 10 coastal cities in Norway


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Experience the northern lights in Tromsø, go island hopping in Haugesund, or eat your way through Bergen. Take a look at the most popular coastal cities on

  1. Bergen

  2. A large city on a Norwegian scale, the coastal city of Bergen is still known for its small-town charm and atmosphere. Take part in the Bergen lifestyle, and go for a scenic walk on the famous Bryggen (the wharf). Here, you will smell the fresh seaside scent blended with local food from some of the many top-class restaurants along the waterfront.

    But Bergen offers more than just food and sea. Norway’s second largest city is known for the seven mountains surrounding the city centre, their many cultural events, and the world-famous popstars Kygo and Alan Walker.

    Explore the coast outside of Bergen

  3. Tromsø

  4. Whether you want to experience the northern lights, go whale spotting, or have an Arctic seafood experience, Tromsø is the place to travel to. This scenic coastal city is located 350 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle and is the largest city in Northern Norway.

    Tromsø is an adventurous destination which offers many opportunities for activities such as fishing, hiking, dog sledding, and kayaking. From late May to late July, you can do all of these activities around the clock, thanks to the midnight sun.

    Things to do along the coast of Tromsø

  5. Stavanger

  6. More than 170 wooden houses, long, white beaches, and breathtaking fjords – Stavanger is an excellent destination whether you’re going on a trip with your family, a partner, or friends. This low-key city located in Fjord Norway is one of the largest cities in Norway. Despite the fact that many people live in Stavanger, the city centre is rather compact. There are few things that beat a relaxing walk in the city centre along the narrow streets that curve elegantly between the wooden houses. 

    Take a lunch break or stop for a photoshoot in Øvre Holmegate street, where you’ll find several candy-coloured houses. And if you feel adventurous, put on a pair of sturdy boots and go for a hike to the world famous Preikestolen (“the Pulpit Rock”). Travel time from Stavanger to Preikestolen is around one hour and 30 minutes by car.

    Ålesund is a city where the mountains and fjords meet the ocean. Do you want to know what that looks like? Climb the 418 steps up to the Aksla Viewpoint and be awarded with a panoramic view that will make your jaw drop (or just look at the picture below).

    It’s probably no coincidence that Ålesund and the surrounding areas are amongst the most visited sites for tourists in Norway. The “art nouveau town” is beautifully set across several islands stretching into the Atlantic Ocean, and is an excellent starting point for your active holiday in the region.

    Water adventures in Ålesund

  7. Kristiansand

  8. This idyllic city draws visitors who loves summer vibes and child-friendly activities, from every part of Norway. Kristiansand is a family destination that offers exciting attractions such as Dyreparken, a gigantic zoo and amusement park.

    The highly walkable city features white wooden houses, culinary experiences and cosy shops. During summer time, you can take a dip from one of the many beaches and piers along the coastal line in the Kristiansand region.

    Discover Kristiansand on water