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View to the mountains in Hovden View to the mountains in Hovden View to the mountains in Hovden
View to the mountains in Hovden View to the mountains in Hovden
View to the mountains in Hovden.
Photo: Anders Martinsen
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Hovden, the northernmost part of Setesdal

Hovden is located in upper Setesdal  and is the largest ski destination in the southern part of Norway. The area offers great opportunities for enjoying life in the mountains. Whether you are northbound for the fjord country or southbound for the coast,
you will find many good reasons for making a stop here. 

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In the winter Hovden boasts 190 kilometres of cross-country trails which are daily groomed during the season. From sheltered trails in the forest to the open country, you are guaranteed to find your favourite. The Hovden Alpine Centre has slopes for every skill level, and some of them are floodlit during evening skiing.

Here are several good fishing lakes and many hiking paths in the mountains. The tours of the peaks are popular outings for families. On warm days, the Hegni recreation area is the place for swimming, fishing, biking and hiking. 

The Hovden Aqualand is a paradise for children of all ages the whole year.

Summer or winter?

Accommodation in Hovden and Bykle

Food and drink 

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