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Women with shopping bags in front of white houses Women trying in hats in Ris?r
Shopping in Ris?r.
Photo: Peder Austrud, Visit S?rlandet
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Find yourself some local treasures in Risør's niche stores

Shopping in Risør is cozy and intimate. The many unique niche stores in Risør are located in small streets with old wooden houses, a characteristic of the Norwegian coastline. In these shops you will find many exclusive and trendy items which cannot be found in large chain stores. The few chain stores in town have developed their own uniqueness.
Women inside art shop Villvin in Ris?r
Peder Austrud, Visit S?rlandet
Women outside florist in Ris?r
Peder Austrud, Visit S?rlandet
Women with lots of cases of strawberries
Peder Austrud, Visit S?rlandet
Women trying in hats in Ris?r
Peder Austrud, Visit S?rlandet

Embla design

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Unique jewellery in silver and enamel can be purchased at Embla Design which are actually hand made in the basement of the store. Among these distinctive products with their own design you will find some items where one of the city's attractions, the Fire Tower, is hand painted on each pendant.

Gallery Villvin

Visitors can find a variety of handicrafts articles in both ceramics, glass, textiles, metal and wood in Galleri Villvin located in Krags street. The products are handmade by over a hundred professional artists from Norway and neighbouring countries.

Lille Hvite Interiør

If you are looking for a large and exciting range of furniture, lighting, textiles, kitchenware, lighting and special gift items, Lile Hvite Interiør Lille Hvite Interiør in Storgata is the place for you. Here the shopkeeper imports all of the specially selected items personally.

Kortreist Lykke

Local food, art, coffee and homemade pastry, called "munker" are found atKortreist Lykke Kortreist Lykke in Havnegata. Munker is a special kind of doughnut that has a sweet taste which is unique to Norway and Risør is famous for them.

Sack it

Colourful and specialty bags as well as stylish stereo speakers can be purchased at Sack it which is located in Strandgata.

Ths. Juell eftf.

Boat lovers, whether they work with wood or fiberglass boats, flock to Ths. Juell eftf store in Strandgata. Here visitors can you also get fishing equipment or organise boat rentals with outboard motors in the summer season and offers flights throughout the year.

Women trying in hats in Ris?r

Shopping in Ris?r

Shopping for hats in Ris?r.
Photo: Peder Austrud, Visit S?rlandet


Intersport is famous for sportswear and sports equipment. The branch in Risør is located in Market Square which is a family run business known locally as "hos Willy." They have their own clothing line which is called "Risør" which are popular as souvenirs for visitors.

Lindstøl Libris

This is a book store which also has a separate room for model sailing boats and specialist sealife books including charts. There are also boating handicrafts that can be purchased at the store.

Knudsen Jernia

The towns local hardware store is called Knudsen Jernia. The building the store is located in was originally built in 1857. Here you will find everything needed for your house, garden and construction. Barbecue equipment is a specialty in this charming store.

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