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Family smiling in front of Lindesnes lighthouse Family smiling in front of Lindesnes lighthouse
Lindesnes lighthouse.
Photo: Peder Austrud?Visit S?rlandet
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Where the Vikings settled

At Lindesnes you will find the southernmost point of Norway, on land, Lindesnes Lighthouse, traces of great vikings and a nice river where you can fish for salmon or seatrout.

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Kulturtorvet at Vigeland is Lindesnes new center of culture. The second floor is home to Gallery Gustav Vigeland. Here woodcuts deposited by the Vigeland museum in Oslo are shown. In addition there are plaster busts and sketches made by Vigeland. Around 80 of Gustav Vigeland's works are on display at the gallery. Most of his designs are taken from the archipelago and scenery around Lindesnes. Just outside Vigeland center is Valle Church, built in 1792. The church has a painting from 1614 painted by Peder Claussøn Friis which used to hang at the National Gallery in Oslo.

Follow the coast to Spangereid, where you will find many traces and mementoes from the Viking age, for instance "Kappskytingssteinene"; the stones referred to in the Snorre Saga. According to the legend, these stones marked where the arrows of the Viking Chieftains Olav Trygvasson and Einar Tambarskjelve landed as they were engaged in a contest.

Spangereid in Lindesnes was home to a number of Viking chieftains. Archaeological finds and excavations have revealed that in the Viking era, there was a canal between Lehnefjorden and Njervefjorden, which went right through what is now the center of Spangereid.

Probably the Vikings built the canal so that they could avoid having to round the rough seas off Lindesnes, and no doubt the canal also provided income and some control over seafarers travelling between the east and west. In 2007 a replica of the Spangereidkanalen was "reopened", making it possible once more to take a boat from east to west without having to round Lindesnes.

Lindesnes Lighthouse is the southernmost lighthouse on the mainland and one of southern Norway's most frequently visited locations. With over 350 years of maritime history, the lighthouse is a well-preserved and interesting cultural attraction for both locals and tourists.

If you climb the 109 stairs up to the top of the lighthouse, you can experience the wind blowing through your hair whilst enjoying the impressive view out over the ocean. Or what about exploring the bunkers and tunnels that were built into the hillside, beneath the lighthouse, during the Second World War? There is also a café, art gallery and souvenir shop, as well as a range of accommodation options a mere stone's throw away.

On the way out to the Lighthouse is the Children's Zoo (Barnas Dyrepark). A farmyard in miniature, it offers children an opportunity to come in close contact with sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, chicken and alpacas. There is also a large section for birds. Horse riding is available every day. The zoo has a kiosk and a souvenir shop.

The river Audna runs through Lindesnes municipality. Audna is a popular river for fishing with possibilities to catch both salmon and trout. The river is split into several sub-zones. Fishing licenses can be purchased at Kiwi in Vigeland, at gas stations along the river or online. The site at Gislefoss waterfall is suitable for wheelchair users. There is also a public toilet. In addition to fishing in the river there are several fishing waters easily accessible. You will need a license to fish in both river and water.

Exploring old history at Lindesnes lighthouse
Helga Sandnes@Turistkontoret for Lindesnesregionen
Horse in the zoo in Spangereid, Lindesnes
Get to know the animals
Turistkontoret for Lindesnesregionen
A girl walking up the stairs inside the lighthouse
Peder Austrud?Visit S?rlandet
Crab on the seaside
Raw food
Helga@Turistkontoret for Lindesnesregionen

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