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The old post office in Konsmo, Audnedal The old post office in Konsmo, Audnedal
The old post office in Konsmo, Audnedal.
Photo: Peder Austrud
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Fish in the river, go canoeing on the quiet lakes in the sunset or visit one of the most famous historical bank robber from the 1800s in his cell. 

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There are plenty of lovely and varied hiking trails in Audnedal. The historic Child Wanderer path goes straight through Konsmo, one of the small towns in Audnedal. This path was used by children who, because of poverty, where sent to counties in the east to work in the 19th century. The path is well marked and can be divided into several smaller intervals.

It is recomended to take a trip to the old molybden mines at Flottorp. During the first world war there where over 150 menn who worked in these mines. You can still see the concrete walls, tunnels and the waste rock dumps which gives you a good impression of how it was to work in the mines while they were operational.

Øydnavannene are full of fish and is a good spot to spend the day. Rent a canoe, fish for trout or perch and enjoy the bathing spots at Byremosanden and Sundet. In Audnaelva, which flows down to Lindesnes, you can also fish for salmon or brown trout. You will also find a fishingspot that is adapted for the disabled.

The old post office in Konsmo is absolutely worth a visit. Today it is a museum who tell the story of the house who used to be both a mail house and a police station from 1839 to 1877. At one point the famous master thief Ole Høiland, who is known for 11 escapes and to have stolen 64 000 riksdaler (old Norwegian currency), sat in custody here. He is now back in custody at Konsmo, and if you dare you can come visit him before he escapes again.

Right by the post office you will find Barnevandrersenteret, the Historic Child Migration Centre, who have stories from some of those who had to leave their families as children to go to counties in the east to work. Here you will also find props from the movie "Yohan-barnevandreren".

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