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An old brown storehouse standing alone on the gras An old brown storehouse standing alone on the gras
Back in the days....
Photo: Peder Austrud
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The southern mountains

Åseral contains of a landscape with beautiful bathing spots, alpine slopes, great fishing possibilities and lovely walking trails.

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Kyrkjebygd is the center of the municipality, and lies right between the three small villages, Ljosland, Bortelid og Eikerapen. Here you will find Minne kultursenter where you can see permanent and temporary exhibitions, visit the museum or get a coffee at the café.

Åseral offers several beautiful trails through the mountain terrain. Only five kilometers from Kyrkjebygd you can visit the Sosteli Jernaldergård, it is a beautiful walk for the whole family. If you are looking for a longer walk, the path into the Lordehytta could be just what you want. This cabin was built by Lord Salvesen in 1910 and is beautifully located by Vivatn. Here you can go for a swim in the small lake or just relax before heading back or go further into the mountains. For more great walks in Åseral, visit and GodTur.

Åseral is the mountain municipality in the Lindesnes region and you can enjoy it all year round. During the winter you will find groomed cross country trails, and at Bortelid, Eikerapen and Ljosland you can also try the alpine slopes before enjoying lunch in the sun. Read more about winter in Åseral.

Every year thousands of people gather at Eikerapen for a great music festival, Eikerapen Roots festival. It is a music festival people travel a long way to be a part of. If you are curious of who might be playing this year's festival, check out the festivals webpage.

White wooden chruch with a graveyard in the front
?seral church
Morten Teinum
A few people enyoing the sun at the beach with moutains in the background
Morten Teinum
A family skiing down a small hill
Family fun
Mathilde Helene Pettersen

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