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Narvik Narvik
Photo: Peter-Rose?n / Lappland Media
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Where the mountains meet the fjord

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Narvik in Northern Norway is the ideal winter holiday destination if you are interested in Arctic nature, snow-based activities, Sami culture, and history.

Northern lights over Narvik
P?l Jacobsen
Skiing in Narvik
Fredrik Schenholm /
Aurora hunt in Narvik
Downhill skiing in Narvik
Per Eriksson /
Visit Narvik

Campaign: northern lights offers

Polar Park

Polar Park is the world’s northernmost wildlife park and is located in Salangsdalen valley in Bardu, north of Narvik. Polar Park offers a special wildlife experience for the whole family.

Experience the natural predators of the Arctic – bears, wolves, wolverine and lynx. You can also meet moose, reindeer, musk oxen and Arctic foxes, and a cabin known as “the wolf lodge” has been constructed for those brave enough to sleep within the wolf enclosure.

Prices from NOK 260 for adults and NOK 160 for children
(age 3–15).

Book your Polar Park adventure

Lights at the lodge

Search for the northern lights alongside an expert guide. From Narvik city centre you will be transported by gondola to the newly renovated lodge at the top of Narvikfjellet. The whole experience has a touch of luxury, with fur lined gondolas, arrival drinks, and a warm and cosy, yet spacious, indoor area for aurora viewing. For those interested in photography, the outdoor platforms and balcony at the lodge will present you with magnificent aurora views.

Period: 4. September – 15. March
Duration: Monday 21.00–00.00, Fridays 21.00–00.00

Included in the price: transfer from the hotel, cabel car round trip, northern lights guide, two drinks, and refreshments.

Price from NOK 1,495 for adults (18 and older) and
NOK 1,195 for youth (17 and under)

Book your Lights at the Lodge adventure

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Experience the region by bus

Providers of experiences in the Tromsø region have made it easier to book organized packages to Lyngen, Senja, Målselv and Narvik during winter.

Experience Tromsø Region: a daily bus service from Tromsø to Lyngen and Narvik in collaboration with various activity vendors which makes the regions more accesible.

Experience Tromsø city: daily bus service that takes you to all the attractions in Tromsø city.

Prices varies depending on activities and destination

All packages includes bus transport. Operates from 12 December 2017 to 31 March 2018.

Book your Bussring experience

Bussring Bussring
Photo: Bussring

Northern lights forecast

The NorwayLights app will give you the best prediction for when to see the northern lights in your area.

Getting here and around

Get additional travel information on Narvik’s official website.

  • Narvik train

    By train

    There are daily train departures to Narvik from Boden in Sweden. Travel time is around 5 hours, with an additional 17 if you are taking the train from Gothenburg or Stockholm to Boden.

    From Narvik there are also trains to and from Kiruna in Sweden, a trip which takes 2,5 hours.

    Within Norway, you can take the train from Oslo to Fauske and change to a bus for the last 4 hours to Narvik.

  • Narvik bus

    By bus

    Express bus routes serve Narvik from the other regional hubs in Northern Norway.

    Almost all of the major islands in Lofoten are connected to the mainland by road, and there are a variety of buses connecting Narvik to the settlements on the islands.

    Travel time from Narvik to Svolvær in Lofoten is approximately 3,5 hours by bus. To Harstad, travel time is about 2 hours.

  • Narvik boat

    By boat

    The Norwegian Coastal Voyage Hurtigruten cruises the Norwegian coastline and calls at Svolvær and Harstad, both of which are connected to Narvik by road.

    Ad: Hurtigruten – “The World’s Most Beautiful Sea Voyage”

  • Narvik car

    By car

    Narvik is described as the gate to Northern Norway. The E6 runs straight through Narvik.

    The main north-south artery has one single ferry crossing, between Bognes and Skarberget, with numerous departures.

    Ad: AutoEurope – always a smooth rental experience

  • Narvik plane

    By plane

    Harstad/Narvik Airport lies less than 1,5 hours from Narvik by road. The airport has connections to Andenes, Bodø, Oslo, Tromsø, and Trondheim.

    Ad: Widerøe – the largest regional airline in Scandinavia

Narvik also offers …

There is no need to wait until you’re here to find out what you’d like to do. Filter your search and check out the offers below.

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