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时时彩平台上竤彩玩:Keeping it green

Eco-friendly things to do in the Stavanger region
Being a “green” traveler doesn’t necessarily take a lot of effort, especially not in the Stavanger region. Let Frida Ottesen introduce you to some of the region’s eco-friendly highlights.
Portrait of Frida Ottesen Portrait of Frida Ottesen
Frida Ottesen.
Photo: Joakim Kleven

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Way back in 2013, Frida was one of three Norwegian fashion bloggers who participated in “Sweatshop”, a web series about the working conditions of textile workers in Cambodia. Frida spent a month working in a sweatshop in Phnom Penh where she not only saw, but also experienced the hardships of the clothing workers.

After her stay in Cambodia, Frida spent a lot of time and effort to raise awareness about the disadvantages of the textile industry. Today she works for the non-governmental organization “The Future in Our Hands”, where she is involved in the project “A sustainable everyday life in a sustainable world”.

On her green blog Frida writes about eco-friendly food, cosmetics and clothing. Her goal is to inspire other people to live a more sustainable and ethical life.

Below you can read about Frida’s recommendations on eco-friendly things to see and do in the Stavanger region.

Stavanger Botanic Garden – a colourful escape

Stavanger’s botanic garden is located just a short bus ride from the city centre. Visit the herb garden or the vegetable garden, or just enjoy a picnic or a stroll in the peaceful surroundings.

Join a horseback riding tour

There are few things that beat riding through a picturesque landscape. Tryggvi Icelandic horse farm, located in Sandnes, holds about 35 Icelandic horses and offers guided tours for riders on all levels.

Stay green at Clarion Hotel Stavanger

At Clarion Hotel Stavanger you can enjoy comfy rooms and a stylish relax centre – in addition to an impressive breakfast buffet consisting of a wide selection of ecological goodies. The hotel engages in sustainable practices and has achieved certifications for its environmental efforts.

Find your own wave

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and try your surfing luck. Some of Norway’s most popular waves are found along the beaches of Jæren. The spots range from easy and gentle beginner beaches to the more demanding and better boulder rock points.

Go kayaking

Discover the sights that the Lysefjord has to offer from a completely different perspective. Join a guided tour or rent a kayak and explore the fjord in your own pace.

Fermented goodies

At Fermenten, a production plant in Sandnes, you can buy everything from fermented vegetables and kombucha (fermented tea), to coffee, beer, yogurt, and cheese. Find your own favorite.

Green destinations

Some places are certified sustainable

Many places follow sustainable principles, but being certified as a sustainable destination is an honour few qualify for. It takes years of work demonstrating lasting commitment to providing the best possible experiences for the guests, whilst keeping the negative impact of tourism to a minimum.

The Stavanger region also offers …

To find sustainable products, click on “Filter your search” below and select “Green Travel – Eco-certified providers”.

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