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The internationally recognised DJ Charlotte Thorstvedt guides you through her native Stavanger.

The spots that fuel Norway’s capital of petrol

Stavanger-born Charlotte Thorstvedt is a Norwegian DJ and booking manager for the respected underground house & techno venue The Villa in Oslo. She has been crucial in creating its status, with her cutting edge bookings. Music industry media authorities like DJ mag, Pulse Radio, Resident Advisor, and The Guardian list The Villa as one of the top clubs in the world.

Thorstvedt has a master in anthropology and was working for MTV as a presenter for years. Her many side-projects include jewellery design and things like these insider tips for a not so obvious city-break in Stavanger.

Charlotte Thorstvedt Charlotte Thorstvedt
Charlotte Thorstvedt.
Photo: Linnea Syversen
Do as the Stavanger locals
Cosy cafe with vibrant colours and a charming back yard. Read more
B?ker & b?rst
A classic place to chill with friends and listen to music over a cold beer. Read more
Checkpoint charlie
A great place if you like rock and indie music.
Checkpoint charlie
Great place for for foodies. Small, rustic and delightful.
Come and experience our blossoming garden full of exotic plants and palm trees. Enjoy the peaceful tranquility, colourful flowers, good food and sea… Read more
Flor & Fj?re
Café and bar that serves a few dishes if you’re peckish.
Reed galleries
Thanks to gallery owner Martyn Reed, Stavanger is full of amazing street art.
Reed galleries
Renaa Matbaren (upstairs) is an informal, yet stylish eatery with urban bistro atmosphere, vibrant yet comfortable, with friendly staff and… Read more
Renaa Matbaren
Renaa: Atriet (the Atrium) is a large, airy indoor courtroom, located right next to Matbaren, separated by sliding doors that may be opened for a… Read more
Renaa: Atriet
Amazing spot for beer connoisseurs, with a huge selection of beers.
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    1. Bøker og Børst

    Address: Øvre Holmegate 32, 4006 Stavanger

    Cosy cafe with vibrant colours and a charming back yard. I could sit back there and play backgammon for hours with friends – time flies in this place. It’s situated in one of the coolest streets I know, “Fargegata”, the street of colours. The facade of every building is painted in a different pastel colour. The colour scheme was chosen by local artist Craig Flanagan, who I have been a fan of since childhood.

    2. Egget

    Address: Steinkargata 23, 4006 Stavanger

    The best place in town for for foodies. Small, rustic and delightful. The menu is ever changing according to the seasons and the chef’s curiosity, so you have no idea what you will get, except that it will be local, fresh, and absolutely delicious.

    3. Øst

    Address: Kvitsøygata 25, 4014 Stavanger

    An amazing spot for beer connoisseurs close to Tou Scene with a huge selection of beers. You can try some great stuff you won’t find anywhere else – local beers as well as foreign ones.

    4. Renaa Matbaren

    Address: Breitorget 6, 4006 Stavanger

    Renaa Atriet in Stavanger has a Michelin star, which they absolutely deserve. The venue houses both the restaurant and a low-key and cheaper alternative called Renaa Matbaren. At this spot, your tastebuds are always in for a special experience. Inside the restaurant they even have one of Anthony Gormley’s “Rusty Men” sculpture pieces, which you can find all throughout the city at certain spots.

    5. Cementen

    Address: Strandkaien 24, 4005 Stavanger

    This is a classic place to sit and chill with friends and listen to some quality music while enjoying a cold beer.

    6. Hanekam

    Address: Øvre Holmegate 26, 4006 Stavanger

    Another new happenin’ spot in Stavanger’s street of colours. It’s both a café and bar, and they serve a few dishes if you’re peckish. They also have interesting quiz and music events.

    7. Checkpoint Charlie

    Address: Nedre strandgate 5, 4005 Stavanger

    Of course I have to give mention to the place that gave me my start as a DJ at the tender age of 17. This is a great place to go out if you like rock and indie music.

    8. Flor & Fjære

    Address: Skagenkaien 35-37, 4006 Stavanger

    If you want to escape the city for a bit, there is a tropical oasis not far away. Just hop on the boat to get to this little island where you’ll find gardens full of lush greenery and palm trees. They also have a great restaurant.

    9. Reed Galleries

    Address: Salvågergata 10, 4006 Stavanger

    If you’re an art enthusiast, I’m sure you will notice that Stavanger is full of amazing street art on almost every corner, and that’s thanks to one man – Martyn Reed. He made Stavanger a hot spot for street art by starting up the respected Nu Art festival in 2001. You can find works by Roa, Herakut, Bordalo, Dot dot dot, Dolk, and so many others all throughout the city. Martyn has his own gallery in the city centre if you want to pick up a piece by one of these talents for your own wall.

    The Stavanger region also offers …

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