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Buildings on the shore of the Sognefjord Buildings on the shore of the Sognefjord
Photo: ?yvind Heen/

A natural thrill

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The Sognefjord is Norway’s longest and deepest fjord, and it’s famous arm the Nærøyfjord has World Heritage status. The surrounding mountain areas are amongst Norway’s most popular hiking areas.

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Local food, Vetlabui
Espen Mills/
Urnes Stavkirke
Urnes stave church, Luster
?yvind Heen/
Katrin Moe
Kaupanger, Sognefjorden
Cycling in Kaupanger
Chris Holter
Bandet, Skagast?lsbu
The cabin “Bandet”, Skagast?lsbu
H?vard Myklebust/
Fanar?ken, Jotunheimen
Sunrise at Fanar?ken, Jotunheimen
Svein Petter Aag?rd/

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Getting here and around

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  • Sognefjord train

    By train

    Flåm is the only train station along the Sognefjord, and well worth a trip in itself. The Flåm Railway was named the world’s most incredible train journey by Lonely Planet in 2014. The journey takes you from Flåm by the fjord to the top of the mountains, and connects with the Bergen-Oslo Railway at Myrdal. There are several daily departures all year round.

    Ad: Check out NSB’s webpage for prices and timetables.

  • Sognefjord bus

    By bus

    Comfortable express buses run daily all year round to the Sognefjord from Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Voss, Gol, Hemsedal, Fagernes and Lillehammer.

    During the summer season there is also bus connections with Oslo and Trondheim via Otta/Lom, over the Sognefjellet mountain and through the Jotunheimen National Park.

  • Sognefjord car

    By car

    If you travel by car to the Sognefjord area, the trip will take 2–3 hours from Bergen, 4–5 hours from Oslo, and 5–6 hours from Trondheim. Note that car ferries cross the Sognefjord and various fjord arms on several points.

    You can choose several National Tourist Routes on your way to the Sognefjord area.

    Ad: AutoEurope – always a smooth rental experience

  • Sognefjord boat

    By boat

    Throughout the year, daily express boats connect Bergen with many small villages along the Sognefjord.

    In the summer, there are also daily express boats between Bergen and Flåm.

    In the summer season, sightseeing cruises are offered between various destinations along the Sognefjord.

  • Sognefjord plane

    By plane

    Sogndal Airport has daily connections with both Bergen and Oslo. Flight times from 30 to 45 minutes.

    You can also fly to Sogndal from Sandane and Ørsta/Volda.

    An airport express takes you from the airport to Sogndal.

    Ad: Widerøe – the largest regional airline in Scandinavia

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