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A guy snowboarding in Stryn A guy snowboarding in Stryn
Snowboarding in Stryn.
Photo: Magnus Sandtr?m

Skiing with fjord view


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In Stryn you can join a rope team walking on a glacier, go summer skiing, and enjoy white sandy beaches all on the very same day.

Stryn Summerski
Skiing in Stryn
Olav Standal Tangen / Stryn Sommerski
Sk?labu at Mount Sk?la
Sk?labu at Mount Sk?la, Stryn
Frikk H. Fossdal/Bergen og Hordaland Turlag
Briksdalsbreen, Stryn
Briksdalsbreen in Stryn
Bjarte Haugen
Sk?la, Stryn
On the top of Sk?la
Sverre Hjornevik /
Stryneelva river in Stryn
Scott Sporleder / FjordNorway
Mountain climbing in Loen
Ernst Riha

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  • Stryn road

    By road

    There are daily bus departures to Stryn from Bergen (6,5 hours), Ålesund (3 hours), Trondheim (7,5 hours) and Oslo (8 hours).

    If you choose to go by car from Oslo or Trondheim, follow the E6 to Otta, and then the Rv 15 until you reach Stryn. From Bergen and Ålesund, take the E39.

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  • Stryn boat

    By boat

    The long-established Hurtigruten, the Norwegian Coastal Voyage, calls daily at Måløy on both its northbound and southbound voyages. From Måløy, Stryn can be reached in about one hour and 30 minutes by car.

    Ad: Hurtigruten - "The World’s Most Beautiful Sea Voyage"

  • Stryn plane

    By plane

    Both Ørsta-Volda Airport and Sandane Airport are located around one hour's drive from Stryn. The airports have direct flights from Bergen (1 hour) and Oslo (1 hour), and corresponding flights to many Norwegian cities. Ålesund Airport lies two hours and 30 minutes by car from Stryn, and offers good connections to Oslo and other Norwegian cities. The airport also has direct routes to/from cities such as London, Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

    Ad: Widerøe - the largest regional airline in Scandinavia

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