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Video Thumbnail - youtube - VN Sunnmore 2 Video Thumbnail - youtube - VN Sunnmore 2 Skiing in Fjord Norway
Video Thumbnail - youtube - VN Sunnmore 2 Skiing in Fjord Norway
Ski touring in Fjord Norway.
Photo: Visit ?lesund

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If you are into ski touring, you have every reason to visit the fjords in western Norway in late winter and spring. Find your fjord destination and go get that fresh powder snow.

It goes without saying that the varied landscape of fjords, mountains and coastline in this part of Norway offers world-class ski touring opportunities.

Ski touring destinations in Fjord Norway
Located in Fjord Norway, Nordm?re offers ski touring challenges in some of most scenic terrain the country has to offer, including the Romsdal valley. Read more
Nordm?re and Romsdal
Combine unique skiing adventures with beautiful alpine mountains and idyllic fjordscapes in Sunnm?re. Read more
Sunnm?re and Hj?rundfjord
With grand fjord views and some thirty summits to choose from, the mountains in Sognefjord and Nordfjord offer terrific potential for ski touring. Read more
Sognefjord and Nordfjord
Combine an unforgettable ski touring experience with a truly spectacular train journey on the Fl?m railway. Read more
Vatnahalsen and Myrkdalen
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