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Where every road is the scenic route

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Feel the butterflies in your stomach as you navigate the hairpin bends of Trollstigen mountain road, drive the Atlantic Road in a shower of sea spray, or balance across the Romsdalseggen ridge.

The two coastal towns Molde and Kristiansund are strategically located close to the Norwegian Scenic Routes Geiranger-Trollstigen and Atlanterhavsvegen. Molde faces south towards the Romsdalsfjord and has a view of the 222 mountain peaks in the Molde Panorama.

Kristiansund is one of Norway’s most distinctive towns, with its post-war architecture on four different islands. Both Molde and Kristiansund has a rich cultural life, including the oldest opera in Norway in Kristiansund and a renowned annual jazz festival in Molde.

Top attractions and places
The National Tourist Route Atlanterhavsvegen has been called the world’s most beautiful drive and has been voted the “Norwegian… Read more
The Atlantic Road
As one of the most famous National Tourist Routes, the Trollstigen road is a visual feast. If you see it from the right height and angle, you can feel… Read more
From the Romsdalseggen ridge you get fantastic views of the Romsdalsfjellene mountains, with the Trollveggen wall, Romsdalshorn and Vengetindene as… Read more
The Romsdalseggen ridge
Molde is located in between several impressive tourist attractions like Romsdalseggen, Trollstigen and the Atlantic Road. I Read more
Molde - Jazz, roses and panoramic views
Kristiansund has a stunning location, reaching out into the sea on the four islands of Innlandet, Kirkelandet, Nordlandet and Gomalandet. Read more
Kristiansund - Opera and clipfish
Experience the Romsdalen valley with the emerald green river Rauma, steep mountains, magnificent bridges and lush waterfalls. Åndalsnes,… Read more
?ndalsnes - The mountaineering capital
The idyllic fishing village Grip, is located in the Atlantic ocean, 12 km northwest of Kristiansund. Until 1964 this was Norway`s smallest… Read more
Grip - fishingvillage near Kristiansund
The hidden gems
The road goes between Finnset in Eikesdal through Finnsetlia to Sunndals?ra. Driving up the Finnsetlia, there are several 180 degree hairpin turns and… Read more
Aursj?vegen mountain road
Visit the tiny island with a big history! Once this was Norway's smallest municipality, now the island is summerrecidences. The pittoriske buildings… Read more
Grip - fishingvillage near Kristiansund
The long Eikesdalsvatnet lake lies just 26 metres above sea level, while the surrounding mountains tower to heights of 1,500 to 1,800 metres straight… Read more
The Mardalsfossen Waterfall (20.06-20.08)
Innerdalen has frequently been called Norway's most beautiful mountain valley. Drive the RV 70 road between Sunndalsøra and Tingvoll, turn… Read more
Innerdalen - Norway's most beautiful mountain valley
Bird wathing has been a popular activity at Igltj?nna in Rindal since the 1930s so the bird life here is well documented. There is 194 bird species… Read more
Bird watching in Rindal
Dovre-Sunndalsfjella National Park is a Norwegian national park located in a high mountain area of ??Dovre and Sunndalsfjella, where S?r-Tr?ndelag,… Read more
Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park
Innlandet is the smallest of the town's islands or "lands" and has the best preserved houses from Old Kristiansund, as the city was bombed during the… Read more
- Old town in Kristiansund
Svinvik's Arboretum – large and comprehensive collection comprising more than 500 rhododendron bushes, berry trees and other shrubs. Fine paths.… Read more
Svinvik's Arboretum
The old bridge over the Vestnesstraumen sound dates back to 1844, and in 1997 it was voted culture memorial of the year in the municipality. The over… Read more
The old bridge at Vestnes
Childhood home of the Norwegian writer Bj?rnstjerne Bj?rnson, who was awarded the Nobel Prize of Literature in 1903. Seven of the present buildings… Read more
The Vicarage at Nesset
German coastal fort built during the war years of 1940-45, today restored as a war memorial museum. Exhibitions of local and regional events from… Read more
Bud Museum - Ergan Coastal Fort
If you are driving along Highway 70 from Oppdal or Sunndalsøra, take off at Gjøra and drive about 5 km to Svisdal. Around you, the Sunndal… Read more
?motan gorge
The fishing village of Veiholmen is located towards the northernmost tip of Smøla and is linked to the main island by a road that with its… Read more
Fishing village Veiholmen
Camping in the Northwest
Fredsvik Hytter lies on the main road between Sunndals?ra and Eidsv?g. This goes further east to Oppdal, Trondheim and Oslo or west to Molde and… Read more
Sunndalsfjord Cottages
We welcome you to a relaxing stay at our beautiful campsite. Here you can stay peacefully in high standard cabins suited for 6 to 8 pers (two… Read more
Bud Camping
Mittet Camping is located by Langfjorden and by the outlet of the river Mitta, between Åfarnes and Vistdal. New modern sanitary fadcilities from… Read more
Mittet Camping
Soggebru Camping is a small, traditional camping ground, with 4 basic cabins. Nestled in beautiful surroundings next to the river banks of the Rauma… Read more
Soggebru Camping
Trollstigen Resort features lovely views and a cozy environment. Our guests can enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains, wether you… Read more
Trollstigen Resort
By the E136 - 3 km from ?ndalsnes in beautiful surroundings - 2-5 star cabins - Places for caravans and tents - Leisure Activities - Fishing - Good… Read more
Mjelva Camping and Cabins
Welcome to Blåhammer Camping Bud Cosy chalets at a reasonable price! Value for money! (4 persons) Ideal for tents, caravans, camper vans. Boat… Read more
Bl?hammer Camping
Fagervik Camping is situated by the beautiful Tresjorden, which is very popularar for fishing. Tresfjorden is located between ?ndalsnes ?lesund and… Read more
Fagervik Camping
Åndalsnes Camping is nestled in beautiful surroundings by the bank of river Rauma, 1.5 km from the centre of Åndalsnes. Our camp site is… Read more
?ndalsnes Camping
Tornes Fjordcamping located in Fr?na municipality with stunning views. Here is a child-friendly campsite with playground, swimming area and large… Read more
Tornes Fjordcamping
Welcome to a nature experience at Trollveggen Camping. You'll find us at the base of Europe's highest mountain wall; Trollveggen, surrounded by the… Read more
Trollveggen Camping
Byskogen Camping is a cosy campingsite about 8 kilometers from the center of Kristiansund. We have year-round operation, offering rental of rooms,… Read more
Byskogen Camping
Idyllic situation beside the fjord 15 minutes from Molde town centre. 10 2-4 star cabins. Campsite for tents/camper vans/caravans. Boat hire.… Read more
Bj?lstad Camping
Welcome to Måna Camping. Måndalen is centrally located in the county Møre and Romsdal by the Romsdalsfjord, within easy reach of all… Read more
M?na Camping
Saltkjelsnes Camping is situated by the fjord at the RV 64 between Molde and Åndalsnes. Attractions such as the Trollstigen Road and the Atlantic… Read more
Saltkjelsnes Camping
Year-round camping site in the centre of Surnadal. On the river Surna, one of Norway's best salmon rivers. 21 4-star cabins with lounge/TV, shower… Read more
Surnadal Camping & Cabins - Brekk?ya
Korsbakken Camping- Naf Camping in Torvika, 17 km from ?ndalsnes og 33 km from Molde. 11 cabins, 2 cabins with shower /toilet for rent all… Read more
Korsbakken Camping
Nothaugen Fiskecamping is situated in Aure, between the cities Kristiansund and Trondheim. Nothaugen Fiskecamping has calm surroundings and the sea as… Read more
Nothaugen Fiskecamping /fish camping
Your place for fishing and vacation - Cabins for hire - Deep sea fishing - Camping - Boat hire Read more
Sandneset Hytter og Camping
Atlanterhavsveien Sj?stuer is located right in the centre of a number of salty adventures. We will be able to welcome you to a new, high-standard… Read more
Atlanterhavsveien Sj?stuer - Atlantic Road cabins
Vals?ytunet offers accommodation in 3 apartments, from 3 - 6 people. Allhave verandas with wonderful views over the fjord. One of the apartments is a… Read more
Vals?ya - cabins, restaurant and camping
Our guesthouse is situated in the beautiful countryside with views to the Trollstigen Road, 10 km from ?ndalsnes towards Geiranger (RV63). We serve… Read more
Trollstigen Camping and Guesthouse
Atlanten Turistsenter is a fmile-driven accommodation in the center of Kristiansund. Open all yearand offers both  motel with 40 rooms, 25… Read more
Atlanten Motel, apartments & camping
Welcome to our old, newrestored fishermen's chack from the year of 1916! Experience the genuine culture in this area. We are professional… Read more
Skjerneset Fisherman's cabins
Kviltorp Camping lies by the Fannefjord, 3 km east of Molde town centre on the E 39 road.We are open all year and have cabins in all price groups,… Read more
Kviltorp Camping - Cabins and Seahouses
After a spectacular journey on the world's best road trip, the magnificent Atlantic road (Atlanterhavsveien), you continue through breath-taking… Read more
Lys?en Fisherman cabin
Trædal Hotel and Tourist Centre is located just outside Sunndalsøra town centre. The hotel offers scenic views of the beautiful… Read more
Tr?dal Hotel & Tourist Center
Fuglevåg Camping is located at the end of Ålvundfjord. Good fishing. Nice beach - child friendly. Beautiful area for walking/hiking. Read more
Fugelv?g Farm & Camping
Magnillen is situated directly by the sea and is an excellent base for hikeing, fishing in the sea and fishing in the mountain lakes. Magnillen… Read more
Magnillen Camping
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    Fresh experiences

    Mountain hikes in stunning surroundings, skiing, sea eagle safaris, mountain biking, or deep-sea fishing – in the Northwest, you get to pick and choose between the best of what Norwegian nature has to offer.

    The varied terrain means that you can go for a range of hikes, from family-friendly walks along narrow coastal paths to guided mountain tours to some of the steepest peaks in Norway. If you’re not the hiking type, you can enjoy tranquil summer days on one of the many mountain farms, or go fishing for cod with meat as white as snow.

    Whether you have a passion for long steep hills or want to take it nice and slow, the Northwest provides cycling possibilities for everyone. A natural choice is the Norwegian Scenic Routes Geiranger-Trollstigen and Atlanterhavsvegen.
    Find more activities and attractions in the Northwest.

    What's cooking in Northwest

    Don't miss our latest articles! Here are our latest stories, and a quick look at what's going on.

    Travel like the locals

    Many travelers say that the most interesting trips are those where you come in close contact with the communities you visit.

    One way of achieving this is to use public transportation. We have made it easy for you to use public transportation while you are a tourist in our region.

    We have packaged the most popular itineraries in the area and made it easy for you to book the trip with one ticket that covers the entire journey. Enjoy your trip!


    More than a bed to sleep in

    Make your holiday special by choosing the right accommodation. Many places in the Northwest include experiences like local food, cultural events, and interesting architecture.

    Choose from a variety of hotels, many of them highly rated by TripAdvisor. If you want to rent a cabin or a holiday home, the possibilities are many. And if you prefer to sleep in a tent, a motor home or a camping cabin, you can spend the night wherever you please.

    For a more homely holiday, stay in an apartment or holiday house. And those who want something totally different can try living on a farm, rent a lodge, or get close to coastal culture in a fisherman’s cabin.

    Top 4 hotels in the Northwest

    A room with a view in the towns Molde, Kristiansund and Åndalsnes, in the mountains, by the fjord, or along the coast.


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