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Kristiansund Kristiansund Kristiansund
Kristiansund Kristiansund
Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life

黑龙江11选5开走势图:Kristiansund - colourful houses, opera and clipfish


A city on four islands


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Kristiansund has a stunning location, reaching out into the sea on the four islands of Innlandet, Kirkelandet, Nordlandet and Gomalandet.

Kristiansund is a beautiful, clean and open city that spreads out around the harbour and the four islands. The city has been built up only over the last 50 years, due to a devastating bombing during the Second World War when almost 900 houses burned down.

The new city has developed its own style with bright, colourful houses. Note how the houses in the centre of Kirkelandet are side-gabled, just like the clipfish wharves were and are still being built. To get a feeling of the city's old, distinctive character, a visit to the old town of Innlandet is recommended.

Einar Engdal
Einar Engdal
Einar Engdal
Einar Engdal
Kristiansund - byliv
Terje Rakke
Kristiansund - oversiktsbilde
Terje Rakke
Terje Rakke
Kristiansund - Klippfisk
Kristiansund Klippfisk
Terje Rakke

Activities and attractions

When you visit Kristiansund, you will soon realize that you are in a city of culture. Three things in particular are impossible to ignore: Opera, clipfish and the boat Sundbåten.

Kristiansund is often referred to as the "opera town", and for a good reason.

The city offers some 100 opera performances, an opera festival and the outdoor opera performance "Donna Bacalao" every year.

There are also several other events worth mentioning, for example the Nordic Light International Festival of Photography, the Clipfish festival, the Tahiti festival, and the Kristiansund Church Art and Culture Festival, to name but a few highlights.

Kristiansund is also Norway's clipfish capital. Any menu in the city's restaurants and cafes reveal that this tradition is still very much alive today. We recommend that you head to the snack bars that serve “fishan” – a local version of fish and chips and one of Kristiansund's specialties.

Everyone who has been to Kristiansund has heard of the boat Sundbåten, one of the oldest public transportation vessels in the world that has been in continuous use. Sundbåten can take you on a round trip to the four Kristiansund "countries" in around 20 minutes.

Top 4 activities in Kristiansund

Here are some suggestions in Kristiansund, whether you are interested in opera, clipfish, boats or other things.

Round trips by bus

Public transport is a great way to experience Kristiansund. The local transport system is easy to use and takes you to the most popular city attractions. Compared to driving your own car, you also contribute to a better environment!

Are you planning a visit to the Atlantic Road? Facing the sea, the architecturally intriguing Atlantic Road is equally magnificent on a calm, sunny day as it is during a turbulent storm. You can also combine your trip to the Atlantic Road with a visit to Molde.

Or how about an excursion to the road Trollstigen, another engineering feat with 11 whirling hairpin bends? The trip goes via Sjøholt and Valldal, where you have 35 minutes to enjoy the surrounding fjord views before continuing to Trollstigen.

Bestill nå!
Travel like the locals

Travel like the locals.
Photo: Terje Aamodt

Accommodation in Kristiansund

Make your holiday extra special by choosing the right accommodation for you. Many packages make sure that you get to experience local food and culture.

Kristiansund has several hotels located within walking distance of the city's many cultural venues and attractions. And you will feel the refreshing sea breeze at every one of them.

Those who enjoy the freedom of camping have several campsites to choose from. Kristiansund also offers a rare opportunity to stay in traditional fisherman's cabins (rorbus) close to the city centre. Take your pick!

Top 4 hotels

Make your holiday extra special by choosing the right accommodation for you. Many packages make sure that you get to experience local food and culture.

Food and drink in Kristiansund

What's on in Kristiansund?

The fishing village of Grip

One of the most popular attractions in Kristiansund is located 14 kilometres north of the city. Until 1964, the village of Grip was the smallest municipality in Norway.

Grip was an important fishing village already during the Middle Ages, and fishing remained the main livelihood until modern times. Today there are no permanent residents, but the old buildings have been preserved and are used as holiday homes. 

During the summer season there is a boat to Grip where you can join a guided tour of the island and visit the small red stave church. The church was built on the island's highest point around the year 1300.


Photo: Terje Rakke

Kristiansund also offers...

There is no need to wait until you’re here to find out what you’d like to do. Filter your search and check out the offers below.


Getting here and around

  • By bus

    By bus

    There are daily express buses from Trondheim, and further bus connections from Molde and Ålesund. You can also reach the main attractions in the area by bus.

  • By boat

    By boat

    Hurtigruten stops at Kristiansund daily on its southbound and northbound voyage. There are also several daily express boats to Trondheim.

  • By car

    By car

    Drive to Kristiansund on the E39 and Rv 70 from Bergen or Trondheim. We recommend that you driva via the Atlantic Road, which is one of Norway's National Tourist Roads.  

  • By plane

    By plane

    Kristiansund Airport Kvernberget is only 10 minutes by car from the centre of Kristiansund. There are daily departures to Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim.

  • Local travel

    Local travel

    The boat Sundbåten connects the city's main islands Kirkelandet, Innlandet, Norselands and Gomalandet on a daily basis.

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