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Trollstigen Trollstigen Trollstigen
Trollstigen Trollstigen
Photo: ?yvind Heen

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Feel the adrenaline rush

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As one of the most famous National Tourist Routes, Trollstigen (“The Trolls Road”) is a visual feast. If you see it from the right height and angle, you can feel the view hit you in your stomach.

Stir?ra, Trollstigen
Stigr?ra, Trollstigen
Jarle W?hler / Statens vegvesen
?yvind Heen
?rnesvingen, Geirangerfjorden
?rnesvingen viewing platform
Jarle W?hler / Statens vegvesen
Gudbrandsjuvet, Geiranger
Gudbrandsjuvet viewing point
Jarle W?hler / Statens vegvesen

You are rarely alone in Trollstigen

In the summer season, 2,000 cars pass the Trollstigveien Plateau, which equals one car every ten seconds. But you won’t only encounter motorised vehicles on your journey up Trollstigen.

More and more people choose to see the view from their bike. Climb the 10 percent inclines effortlessly with an electric bike from Hotel Aak in Åndalsnes, or rent an ordinary bike in the city centre.

Since you’re already here …

In the centre of Åndalsnes you can visit the Norwegian Alpine Centre. The centre is a continuation of the work and collections of the climbing pioneer Arne Randers Heen (1905–1991) and his wife Bodil Heen, and the inheritage they left the municipality.

Arne Randers Heen was known as the “King of the Romsdalshorn”, as he ascended the famous peak 233 times. He went climbing all over the world and made several first ascents. Norsk Tindesenter opened on 13 May 2016.

Tindesenteret p? ?ndalsnes

Photo: M?re og Romsdal Reiseliv

Getting here and around

  • By plane

    By plane

    The nearest airport is Molde Airport, located 1.5 hours from Åndalsnes. Daily flights to and from major cities in Norway.

  • By road

    By road

    There are daily express buses to the area from Trondheim and Bergen.

    You can drive to Åndalsnes via the E136 through the Romsdalen valley, via E136 from Aalesund, or Rv64 from Molde.

  • By train

    By train

    There are daily train departures from Oslo (5.5 hours) and Trondheim (4–5 hours) to Åndalsnes.

The Trollstigen area also offers …

There is no need to wait until you’re here to find out what you’d like to do. Filter your search and check out the offers below.



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