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Rampestreken ved Romsdalseggen Rampestreken ved Romsdalseggen Rampestreken ved Romsdalseggen
Rampestreken ved Romsdalseggen Rampestreken ved Romsdalseggen
Rampestreken ved Romsdalseggen.
Photo: Matti Bernitz /Visitnorway
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High peaks and scenic views

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In the region of the Atlantic Road and Trollstigen you will find a mountain area with tall peaks and wide views. Hike the Romsdalseggen ridge in Åndalsnes, try the Fjord route north of Kristiansund, or visit the beautiful valley Innerdalen and explore Trollheimen.

Fjordruta – a four-day tour from Kristiansund which consists of 190 kilometres of marked tracks with scenic fjord and sea views. 13 mountain lodges along the route allow you to choose the length of your trip and how many cabins you want to visit.

Hike the Romsdalseggen ridge – one of the finest mountain trips in Norway. A daily mountain bus will take you to the starting point in the summer season, and then you’ll walk back over the ridge to Åndalsnes. A truly special day trip that has multiple route options.

Innerdalen – A beautiful mountain valley in a mountainous area between Trøndelag and Nordmøre. The valley has been populated by humans since the Stone Age and still has a thriving cultural landscape with cows grazing, summer farming, herding, hunting, and fishing.

Trollheimen is located in two climate zones and has distinctive geological conditions. This offers a great variety of landscapes and habitats, as well as a wide diversity of plants and animals. Hikers will find well marked trails and both manned and unmanned mountain lodges to eat and sleep in.

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Whether you're planning a short or long hike, a local guide will lead you safely through the mountains.

Hiking in Trollheimen

Join us for a three- or four-day hike to beautiful valleys, tranquil mountain lakes and high peaks.

Trollheimen is a mountain range between Trøndelag and Nordmøre that has been inhabited since the Stone Age. The area is still very much a living cultural landscape with grazing animals, dairy farming, hunting and fishing.

As Trollheimen covers two climate zones with distinctive geological attributes, the area has a particularly varied landscape with lots of interesting plants and animals. This is a moderate/challenging hiking tour with three full days of hiking (6–8 hours per day). The tour can be extended with one extra day to climb Innerdalstårnet.


Climb the iconic Innerdalstårnet (1,452 metres above sea level). Innerdalen is known as one of the most beautiful mountain valleys in Norway, and Innerdalstårnet is the jewel in the crown.

The group will meet at the parking area in Nerdalen and hike slowly to the summer farm Renndølssetra (about 1 hour). From there we will go to the lake Giklinvatnet before we begin the climb to the summit. The hike is exposed and takes 8–10 hours, but you do not need any climbing experience.

Price from £ 1,500 per person including a local, certified mountain guide and climbing / safety equipment. The tour is offered for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 people per guide.

Hiking offers in the Northwest

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