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In that case, it is time to discover the less well-known hidden gems. The Northwest offers numerous chances to find a unique experience beyond the most obvious tourist routes.

In the Northwest, the stage is set for leisurely bike rides by the ocean and a wide range of hiking excursions, from family-friendly walks along narrow coastal paths to guided summit tours in steep mountain terrain.

You can also enjoy the long and light summer days in a classic Norwegian mountain cabin and go fishing for the finest cod in the world. It is all there within a one- to two-hour drive.

But OK, we'll be completely honest with you: The places below are not always particularly well hidden. If you talk to the people who were born and raised here, they will probably tell you that this is where they played as kids, where they used to go jogging, where they drove past on the way to work, or simply where they lived.

At the same time, these places are definitely less known among tourists. At least for now …

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