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Cycling in Isfjorden Cycling in Isfjorden Cycling in Isfjorden
Cycling in Isfjorden Cycling in Isfjorden
Cycling in Isfjorden.
Photo: Foto: Mattias Fredriksson
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The varied landscape of the Northwest provides optimal cycling possibilities for everyone who plans a holiday on two wheels. Whether you have a passion for long steep hills or want to take it nice and slow, there are fabulous views waiting for you.

For a spectacular – and very demanding – road cycling adventure, head to the remarkable Trollstigen road. If 11 hair-pin bends sounds a bit much for you, check out the Atlantic Road instead, where you will you will cycle from island to island practically next to the ocean. The Atlantic Road is one of Norway’s national tourist routes, and has also been named Norway's most beautiful bike ride.

A pleasant way to enjoy the fresh air, the chirping birds, and the grand views is to hire an electric bicycle.

The beauty of riding an e-bike is that it's completely up to you how hard you want to work for the views.

In the last few years, mountain biking has become increasingly popular in Norway. Today's sophisticated bikes have made it possible for cyclists of all levels to explore trails off the beaten track in forests and mountain terrain. Find out more from the local cycling community, or book a guided tour.

Top 4 guided tours

Booking a guide is a great option when you are not too familiar with an area, regardless of your previous experience. You won't waste any time looking for the best locations, you get invaluable safety advice, and you will probably hear a good story or two!

Other cycling offers in the Northwest

There is no need to wait until you’re here to find out what you’d like to do. Filter your search and check out the offers below.



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