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7 great things to see and do by the Atlantic Road 7 great things to see and do by the Atlantic Road
7 great things to see and do by the Atlantic Road.
Photo: M?re og Romsdal Reiseliv
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The most beautiful journey in the world

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The Atlantic Road takes you from lush coastal landscapes and heaths to bare rocks along the exposed Hustadvika, where you can see the sun sink into the horizon. This National Tourist Route has been called the world’s most beautiful drive and has been voted the “Norwegian construction of the century”.

The Atlantic Road connects the island of Averøy with the mainland via a series of small islands and islets spanned by a total of eight bridges over 8,274 meters. The road was opened in 1989 and is toll free.

The Atlantic Road has National Tourist Route status, and the entire stretch between Bud and Kristiansund is one continuous experience packed with coastal scenery, culture and history.

The contrasts between a trip on a sunny and tranquil summer day compared to a foam-sprayed journey in a storm from the northwest are huge. But whether the ocean is flat calm or cascading over the road, the Atlantic Road experience will give you memories for life.

Park your car at designated viewing points and climb a hillock to enjoy the salty air and the scenic view.

Atlanterhavsveien i storm
Storm at the Atlantic Road
The Atlantic Road
Johan Wildhagen
The elevated hiking path at Eldhus?ya
Storseisundet bru, Atlanterhavsveien
Storseisundet bridge
Roger Ellingsen/Nasjonale Turistveier

Norwegian and international awards

National Tourist Route Atlanterhavsvegen

Photo: Jarle W?hler / Statens vegvesen


50 million Norwegian kroner went into a new service building and the very special elevated path that bind the sky, the sea and the road together at Eldhusøya island.

“Exciting architecture that interprets the atmosphere of this place by the ocean, and emphasises that Norway is a modern country. This and other attractions along the National Tourist Routes will make sure that more people will look to Norway as an attractive holiday destination”, says Grete Kongshaug from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

The elevated trail takes you over the roof of the service building, which twists along the south side of Eldhusøya. A pattern of specially designed windows decorates the 150-metre-long façade. Inside, you will find toilets, information and a café. The viewing trail is made of metal grates that are built on piles and hover above the ground. No angles are perpendicular or parallel, and the build is really one of a kind.

Askevågen viewpoint

This small, yet cool viewing platform located at the tip of the breakwater gives you a close encounter with the Atlantic Ocean.

Askev?gen, Atlanterhavsvegen

Askev?gen, Atlanterhavsvegen.
Photo: Erik Hattrem

The untreated, rusty steel gives the viewpoint a distinct structure, and the green glass walls protect you from the ocean spray.

Askev?gen, Atlanterhavsvegen

Askev?gen, Atlanterhavsvegen.
Photo: Erik Hattrem

The Atlantic Road also offers …

There is no need to wait until you’re here to find out what you’d like to do. Filter your search and check out the offers below.


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