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Video Thumbnail - youtube - Mount Sk?la - Fjord Norway Video Thumbnail - youtube - Mount Sk?la - Fjord Norway Hiking, Skaala tower, Nordfjord
Video Thumbnail - youtube - Mount Sk?la - Fjord Norway Hiking, Skaala tower, Nordfjord
Mount Sk?la - Fjord Norway.
Photo: Fjord Norway

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The mountain with its foot in the sea

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Mount Sk?la is an imposingly beautiful giant of a mountain that towers 1,848 metres over the village of Loen in Nordfjord.

Other hiking offers near Mt. Skåla

Mountain hike with Uteguiden

Hiking with a guide is definitely the best way to explore Nordfjord. A good guide not only leads the way but gives you an excellent chance to learn more about the history, culture, nature and traditions of the region.

Uteguiden's goal is to provide the best guides and the best adventures between deep fjords and narrow summits. With one of their guides, you can expect to experience the kind of solitude and tranquility that is only available in the most remote corners of the globe. Guides are available for both easy walks and more demanding mountain hikes.

Via Ferrata Loen & Hotel Alexandra

Combine a tough challenge with a comfortable stay at one of Norway’s best hotels. The climbing route Via Ferrata Loen starts at Hotel Alexandra and finishes at Mount Hoven (1,011 metres above sea level). On the way you are surrounded by wonderful views of mountains, glaciers and fjords.

Price from NOK 1,990 per person including accommodation at Hotel Alexandra with breakfast and entrance to the Alexandra bath, a guide, equipment and transport back to the hotel.

Map out your holiday

Find out where your preferred hike is located and start planning your adventure.

Hikes near Mt. Sk?la
If you want to get to the top in life, you have to be prepared for some uphill battles. To reach the top of Skåla (1848 m), you won’t find… Read more
Uteguiden AS is the leading outdoor adventure company in the Norwegian westcoast. We offer a broad range of adventures all year around, everything… Read more
Uteguiden AS
Challenge yourself in spectacular scenery, and stay comfortably at one of the best hotels in Norway.   Via Ferrata Loen starts at Hotel… Read more
Package: Via Ferrata Loen, Loen Skylift & Hotel Alexandra
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    Getting here and around

    • Sk?la hiking car

      By car

      If you choose to go by car from Oslo or Trondheim, follow the E6 to Otta, and then the Rv 15 until you reach Stryn. From Oslo it is also possible to drive the E16 via Sogn. From Bergen and Ålesund, take the E39.

    • Sk?la hiking bus

      By bus

      There are daily bus departures to Nordfjord from Bergen (5 hours), Ålesund (3 hours), Trondheim (7,5 hours) and Oslo (8 hours).

    • Sk?la hiking train

      By train

      You can take the train from Oslo or Trondheim, with connection in Otta. Search for train tickets at NSB (the Norwegian State Railways). The trip continues on to Nordfjord by bus. You can also go by train to Flåm, and take the bus to Nordfjord.

    • Sk?la hiking boat

      By boat

      There are three ferry crossings in Nordfjord: Lote - Anda, Stårheim - Isane and Måløy - Oldeide.

      The long-established Hurtigruten, the Norwegian Coastal Voyage, calls daily at Måløy on both its northbound and southbound voyages.  

      There are also daily express boats from Bergen to Måløy and Selje.

    • SK?la hiking plane

      By plane

      The closest airports are Sandane and Ørsta-Volda. There are direct flights from Bergen (1 hour) and Oslo (1 hour), as well as flights to many other Norwegian cities.

      Ålesund Airport is two hours and 30 minutes by car from Nordfjord, and offers good connections to Oslo and other Norwegian and European cities.

    Safety in the mountains

    Return to hike another day

    Norway is an incredible place to explore, with untamed mythical landscapes, mountains, valleys, and fjords. Before you enter the outdoors, get familiar with the nine simple rules of the Norwegian mountain code to help you stay safe.

    1. Plan your trip and inform others about the route you have selected.
    2. Adapt the planned routes according to ability and conditions.
    3. Pay attention to the weather and the avalanche warnings.
    4. Be prepared for bad weather and frost, even on short trips.
    5. Bring the necessary equipment so you can help yourself and others.
    6. Choose safe routes. Recognize avalanche terrain and unsafe ice.
    7. Use a map and a compass. Always know where you are.
    8. Don’t be ashamed to turn around.
    9. Conserve your energy and seek shelter if necessary.

    Read the mountain code with supplementary comments.

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