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Cyclists taking a break by an old farm in Rauma Cycling in ?ndalsnes
Cycling in ?ndalsnes.
Photo: Mattias Fredriksson Photography AB /
Travel Trade

Two wheeled trekking

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Discover Fjord Norway's potential as an MTB destination. Places like Northwest and Nordfjord have an abundance of cool trails that reveal the fjords from a new perspective.

Northwest and the Romsdal area

Bring your mountain bike to the northwestern part of Fjord Norway – a true paradise for cycling. This region provides extraordinary cycling experiences – spectacular scenery, unspoilt nature, beautiful mountain passes, coastal landscapes, cycling by the fjords, and lots of amazing roads with almost no traffic. The distances are small, but the impressions are big.

Within the scenic surroundings of the Romsdalsfjord, you’ll discover a great choice of stunning trails – from exciting off-road biking through forests to single track mountain trails with spectacular views, from summit to fjord.

MTB into the labyrinth of the fjords

Join a full-on mountain bike trip deep into the fjord landscape around the Geirangerfjord. You will push your bike to towering summits before starting the steep descent through the wildest mountain ridges – this trip is recommended for advanced mountain bikers who enjoy steep, technical trails.

Accommodation is arranged on board an ex-navy minesweeper. All meals, even wine and beer, are included in the price.

Price from GBP 3,400 per person.

Aursjøvegen round trip on MTB

Discover the hidden gem of the Aursjøveien road, which is known for being tougher than Trollstigen. In fact it is perfect for biking as it is almost traffic-free.

The first day is tough as we make our way through the valley of Litldalen, ascending from the fjord up to 860 metres above sea level, but we will take our time. Day two starts easy in a fairly flat but beautiful area before biking down to the Eikesdalen valley. At the Mardalsfossen waterfall we are picked up and taken back to Sunndalsøra around 16.00.

Price from NOK 3,600 per person.

Isfjorden, Romsdalen Biking. Isfjorden, Romsdalen
Isfjorden, Romsdalen.
Photo: Mattias Fredriksson Photography AB -

Mountain biking in Nordfjord and Stryn

In Nordfjord the water is almost turquoise, surrounded by glaciers and high mountains, and further out in the fjord you will find white sandy beaches. The cycling opportunities are equally exciting with many miles of marked mountain biking trails and quiet roads near the fjords. Bikes and safety equipment are available to rent in many places.

If you enjoy MTB, check out the Stryn Festival  or the Folven Mountain Bike Camp (more information below) – you do not need to be a pro rider!

Mountain biking in Hjelledalen

The location of Folven Camping makes it the perfect base for exploring trail riding in Hjelledalen Valley and other places in Stryn. The area has become a paradise for mountain bikers with narrow passages, 300 metre deep gorges and great forest trails, as well as easier terrain.

Go for trips on your own, or with a guide.

Price from NOK 1,700 for a cabin for 2-4 people for 2 days (June, July, August).

Stryn Festival (7-10 June 2018)

Join forces with likeminded mountain bikers and other adventure geeks at the Stryn festival, which takes place in an area of great natural beauty.

The festival is open to everyone with an interest in cycling and other activities like climbing, hiking and skiing, so there is no need to be a pro. Guided MTB tours will be arranged for every level, from easy to demanding.

Find your way to the trails and tracks

Explore your options in the map below.

Mountain biking in Northwest
Spectacular scenery, unspoiled nature, beautiful mountain passes and lots of amazing roads with almost no traffic.
INTO THE LABYRINTH: A UNIQUE WORLD-FIRST MOUNTAIN BIKE TOUR NORWAY Experience Norway as never before on our exclusive mountain biking expedition into… Read more
Mountain bike tour Norway
The Aursj? road – known to be tougher than Trollstigen. The best way to explore this area, is on the mountain bike. Join us on this two-days… Read more
The Aursj?vegen Road round trip on mountain bike
Mountain biking in Nordfjord
Glaciers, high mountains and white beaches - and many miles of marked mountain biking trails and quiet roads near the fjords.
With Folven camping site as a base, you can explore trail riding in Hjelledalen Valley and other places in Stryn. Here you will find everything from… Read more
Mountain biking in Hjelledalen, Stryn
Summer skiing, ski touring, mountain biking, kayaking and much more! The 2018 Strynefestivalen will be held from June 7th to 10th. Ticket sales… Read more
Stryn Festival
For mountain bikers only 7-10th of September! Stryn is unique, and creates ??the perfect frame for mountain biking. There is an extensive… Read more
Folven Mountain Bike Camp
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    Safety on two wheels

    Tips to keep you on the straight and narrow

    When cycling on the roads in Norway, the same traffic regulations and road signs apply to you as to cars and other vehicles: Keep to the right, give way to those coming from your right, and don’t drink and bike.

    You may cycle on the pavement, but adapt your speed. You may not cycle on motorways and dual carriageways. Always wear a helmet when cycling. A high visibility vest is a good idea, especially on busy roads. Only children under the age of 10 may be carried as passengers.

    Your bike must have

    In darkness and poor visibility make sure your bike is equipped with a white or yellow light in the front, and a red light in the back. You also need a red reflector in the rear and white or yellow reflectors on the pedals.

    Make sure your bike has two brakes that work independently of each other and a bicycle bell.

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