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Konsert p? Koengen i Bergen Konsert p? Koengen i Bergen
Konsert p? Koengen i Bergen.
Photo: Vidar Langeland / Bergensavisen
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Always something on in Bergen!

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Bergen is a European City of Culture, which has been known for its rich and varied cultural scene all the way back to the Hanseatic era. Today, there’s always something to do in Bergen, whether you’re visiting the city on a weekday, weekend or are here during an event that attracts international attention.

Big stars and performers have fallen in love with the city, and make Bergen a regular stop on their tours. Bergen is an action-packed city, and you’ll definitely never be bored. There’ll always be something on that’s to your taste.

Because of its charming character and long experience as a host city, Bergen often hosts big sports and cultural events. The whole city is then turned on its head and looks its best to ensure visitors have a fantastic and spectacular experience. Bergen knows how to throw a party!With more than 60 festivals and big concerts every year, Bergen has cemented its position in the music world. In total Bergen hosts around 5000 small and larger events every year. Many people choose to visit Bergen during Bergen International Festival in May/June, when, in addition to the fantastic international festival, they get to see the city looking its best in spring. Nattjazz, one of Norway’s biggest jazz festivals, is held in parallel with Bergen International Festival, and is based at USF Verftet. Every summer, the historic area Koengen at Bergenhus Fortress is transformed into a unique festival area when big Norwegian and international names play at Bergenfest.

There are cultural highlights throughout the year along with a great mix of small festivals and events held in the charming city of culture. Bergen does not only host big, popular cultural and musical events, it is also a versatile cultural city, where active student communities deserve a lot of the credit for the varied nightlife and great diversity of small events. There is a wide range of small concerts, shows and activities at pubs and bars every night. There is room for all kinds of entertainment, which makes its mark on the city.

Bergen has been awarded UNESCO City of Gastronomy status, and every year it hosts a food festival and a beer festival, where visitors can sample the cuisine of Western Norway and fantastic beers from local microbreweries. With first-class ingredients along its coast and its unique history as a trading town, Bergen can offer culinary experiences that attract international attention. For many people, food is synonymous with a good time, and you’re bound to return home with some fantastic culinary experiences after a visit to Bergen.

You’ll never be bored in Bergen - European City of Culture!

Search in the wide range of events in Bergen. Start planning today!

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