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Hav fersk fisk og skalldyr, Bergen Hav fersk fisk og skalldyr, Bergen
Hav fersk fisk og skalldyr, Bergen.
Photo: Hanne Cathrin Olsen
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Mingle with the fjord urbanites

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Open the doors to Bergen’s wooden shops and bars. Dive into the lifestyle that make this city world-famous.

Two quite different Bergen insiders share their personal hangouts and shopping advise. “I like to invite friends who are chefs at international top restaurants to come to Bergen and taste seafood and other specialities of the area,” explains Christopher Haatun, chef at the restaurant Lysverket. “We often finish with a takeaway sausage at Trekroneren”.

Oliver Opheim, author of the Bergen-based novel Mann går på bar (Going to the pub) is also enthusiastic about his hometown: “Bergen manages to squeeze in a lot of diversity between its seven surrounding mountains”, he states. “Victoria, a central bar in the plot of my novel, is amongst my recommendations”, says Opheim.

Christopher Haatun
Christopher Haatun. Photo: Bonjwing Lee

Oliver Opheim
Photo of and by: Oliver Opheim

Haatun’s and Opheim’s respective tips are marked with their initials, CH and OO.
Here we go: 

 Off-beat places to eat and drink

  • Hav fersk fisk og skalldyr

    This fishmonger is also a cherished eatery, where you should try the delicious fish & chips. A not so obvious choice in the epicentre of one of Bergen’s main tourist attractions, Fisketorget. (CH)

    Address: Vetrlidsallmenningen 2, 5014 Bergen.

  • Dromedar kaffebar

    Dynamic Variation:
    Dromedar, Bergen

    Dromedar, Bergen.
    Photo: Dromedar
  • Strandkaien fisk

    Fish cakes wrapped in bread are Bergen’s version of a tasty burger. The fish cakes hardly get tastier than those at Strandkaien, said to be Bergen’s most important fishmonger.

    Address: Strandkaien 18, 5013 Bergen. (CH)

  • Folk & Røvere

    An intimate café, despite its location on a corner in a busy backstreet area. DJs, bands and other performers make the place a non-stop party. (OO)

    Address: Sparebanksgaten 4, 5017 Bergen.

    Folk og R?vere, Bergen

    Folk og R?vere, Bergen.
    Photo: SKOG v/Lars Kristian Steen
  • Nobel Bopel

    This retro café has done a lot to help rejuvenate the area of Møhlenpris that was said to have been idle in nightlife-terms since the 1980s. (OO)

    Address: Welhavens gate 64, 5006 Bergen.

  • Victoria Café & Pub

    Personal decoration gives you the feeling of visiting someone’s home. This place was an inspiration for the Bergen downtown focused novel by Oliver Opheim. Entertainment varies from screened football to philosophy evenings and DJ nights. (OO)

    Address: Kong Oscars gate 29, 5017 Bergen.

  • Henrik øl og vinstove

    Have a drink at this homey hangout in a historic intersection that is now known for its numerous bars and cafés. (OO)

    Address: Engen 10, 5011 Bergen.

  • Colonialen Kafé & Brasserie

    An eatery in the city’s House of literature, the Fjord coast’s interpretation of an international trend of food for thought. (OO)

    Address: Østre Skostredet 5–7, 5017 Bergen.

  • Pingvinen

    This hangout has a loyal following who appreciates special service and traditional food, like the typical Norwegian stew called «lapskaus» that are served until closing time. (OO)

    Address: Vaskerelven 14, 5014 Bergen.

  • Trekroneren

    A legendary sausage stand with an unusually large local and exotic takeaway choice. Try the lamb with home-made relish. (CH)

    Address: Kong Oscars gate 1, 5017 Bergen.

  • Søstrene Hagelin

    The best cakes in Bergen are the fish cakes. The recipe remains the same as when the two Hagelin sisters started this quality fish catering in 1929. The fish stew is also widely recognised, and so are the fish burgers and fish wraps recently added to the menu. (CH)

    Address: Strandgaten 3, 5013 Bergen.

Alternative shopping on a rainy day

  • Regn shop

    Look fashionable when it’s pouring down. New style waterproof outfits made for embracing the rain. (OO)

    Address: Strandgaten 75, 5004 Bergen.

  • Pepper

    An alternative fashion outlet started in 1995, that has stayed true to its initial concept of young, contemporary brands with hints of art, music, and popular culture. (OO)

    Address: Strandgaten 19, 5013 Bergen.

Pepper, Bergen

Pepper, Bergen.
Photo: Pepper
  • Aksdal

    Cover yourself in traditional rainwear. Since 1883 the Aksdal family has sold rain coats and other waterproof gear in what is supposed to be Bergen’s oldest trading house, called Muren. (OO)

    Address: Østre murallmeningen 23, 5012 Bergen.

  • Lot 333

    A fashion shop with a neat collection of stand-alone brands insisting on a distinct, Nordic feel. (CH)

    Address: Kong Oscars gate 18, 5017 Bergen.

  • SecondLove

    Used clothes wrapped in fresh interior design. A second-hand fashion shop in the middle of an area with similar outlets, offering local, vintage must-haves. This is your chance to get the look of the Fjord urbanites. (OO)

    Address: Skostredet 2, 5017 Bergen.

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