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Fjordcruise Bergen - Mostraumen Aurlandsfjorden
Fjordcruise Bergen - Mostraumen.
Photo: Rygercruise
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Bergen - Gateway to the fjords of Norway

Bergen is ideally situated between Sognefjorden and Hardangerfjorden, which makes Bergen the perfect start point for exploring the fjords.

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Bergen is called the Gateway to the Fjords for a reason, and once on board a boat, you get the perfect view of what Bergen and Fjord Norway is best known for – majestic mountains, deep fjords, glaciers, waterfalls and a culturally and historically interesting coastline. The capital of Western Norway is ideally situated between the two biggest fjords in Norway, the Hardangerfjord and the Sognefjord, and a wide range of day trips and half-day trips to the best scenic experiences in the region start at the historic Fish Market in the centre of Bergen.

If you want to more of an explorer rather than just an observer, Bergen has many professional activity providers and other guides who will accompany you on a great variety of experiences. Norway Active can take you on trips to well known attractions, and also to lesser known places than even few Norwegians know about. You can buy day packages that include activities such as rafting, cycling, a wind tunnel, fjord rafting and of course transport between these great experiences. There is no better way of exploring Bergen than doing activities that enable you to get as close to nature as possible. The tours from Norway Active can be booked online at

Among other things, Bergen is the starting point of Norway’s most popular round trip, Norway in a nutshell®. This legendary tour takes you to the most beautiful fjord and mountain landscapes at Gudvangen and Flåm and on a boat trip on the beautiful Nærøyfjord. You also get to go on the Flåm Railway – one of the most spectacular stretches of railway in Europe. You simply get to experience what Norway is best known for – in a nutshell – starting and ending in the centre of Bergen. Book the Norway in a nutshell® tour online at

The fjord cruise to the beautiful Mostraumen has become one of Bergen’s most popular boat trips. In just 3.5 hours, you make it all the way up the 27-kilometre Osterfjord to idyllic Modalen, with its crystal clear water, steep mountains, beautiful waterfalls and small farms and villages beautifully situated in the landscape. On the boat trip to Mostraumen, you get to experience the fjord landscape at close range, and when the waterfalls are in spate you can even feel the spray on your face and taste the pure mountain water. All the way back to the Hanseatic era the coast and fjords in and around Bergen have been a major international attraction. Boat trips in the region have therefore become a must for you who wish to experience nature at close range. Book the Fjordcruise Bergen - Mostraumen online at

Bergen offers a large selection of fjord tours. Browse through the selection and find your favourite.

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