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Transport til Bergen Tranport til Bergen
Transport til Bergen.
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Transport to Bergen

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There are many roads that lead to Bergen, and whether you choose to fly, take a boat, car, train or bus, it’s easy to get to the capital of Western Norway. What’s easiest for you depends on where you come from.

And once you arrive in Bergen, it’s easy to get around the whole region and see what tourists from all over the world come to see. The fjords. There are easy, safe and comfortable ways of getting to Bergen from all the towns and cities in Norway. And when you get here, you will be met by Norway’s most obliging and extrovert people. Welcome to Bergen!

A small major airport
Most of the people who visit the city between the seven mountains get here by plane. Bergen Airport Flesland is Norway’s second biggest airport, and it serves as a regional airport for the whole of Hordaland and large parts of Western Norway. Although Bergen Airport is a big airport, it has a nice atmosphere and good facilities which make flying one of the most comfortable and efficient ways of getting to Bergen from other towns and cities in Norway. There are direct services to Flesland from 37 cities abroad, and the route between Oslo and Bergen is one of the busiest in Europe. The domestic routes are operated by Widerøe, Norwegian and SAS, and you can travel to Bergen on a direct service from all of the biggest cities and towns in Norway, and from a number of smaller airports in Southern and Central Norway. A new domestic terminal is scheduled to open at Bergen Airport Flesland in August 2017, which will have a lot of new exciting shops, cafés and facilities.

Airport Bus - buy ticket online
From Flesland, airport buses and the Bergen Light Rail take you to the centre of Bergen in around half an hour. You can save money by buing the ticket for the Airport Bus in advance.

End of the line for the world’s most beautiful train journey
Bergen is the end of the line for the Bergen Railway, Norway’s most popular stretch of railway, which is operated by NSB. This train journey has been referred to a number of times as the most beautiful in the world, by, among others, Gary Warner from California, who has written about the Bergen Railway in the major American newspaper Chicago Tribune.

You can choose between four daily services, and the train stops at 21 stations on the seven-hour journey. From Oslo, you can experience the magnificent mountain landscape past Gol and Geilo, up Hallingdal towards Finse, and along the Hardangerjøkulen glacier, before the train heads towards the coast and Bergen. Let the journey to Bergen be part of the experience by taking the Bergen Railway.

Many roads to Bergen
A car is the best travel alternative for those who wish to be flexible, free and not dependent on public transport. You have a number of options if you are travelling from Eastern Norway, and you can either drive across Hardangervidda, Haukeli or Hemsedalsfjellet. Whichever route you choose, you will see fantastic scenery en route. If you are coming from the south or north, you travel along the coast to Bergen, taking ferries and crossing bridges through beautiful coastal landscape. If you want to drive, but don’t have your own car, express buses operate a number of daily services between the big cities. The bus services operated by Skyss are a good alternative if you need transport to the region around Bergen. These buses are free in the Bergen region if you have bought the Bergen Card.

A historic and beautiful seaward approach
Bergen has been a well-known European port right back to the Hanseatic era, and people who come to Bergen by boat describe the seaward approach to the city as a majestic experience. Many people come to Bergen on boats or ferries, either on Fjord Line’s daily services from Denmark and Stavanger, on Norled’s express boats along the coast of Western Norway, or on the Hurtigruten boats, which Bergen is the turnaround port for. The sea route is often the most efficient means of travelling through the fjord landscape in and around Bergen, and it’s also a beautiful way of exploring the region.

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