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Bergen Segway Bergen Segway
Aktiviteter i Bergen.
Photo: Bergen Segway
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Activities in Bergen

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Bergen is the perfect starting point for an active holiday! Enjoy the wide variety of activites such as climbing, hiking, kayaking, cycling, sightseeing with segway or much more!

Bergen is known for being the Gateway to the fjords of Norway. The reason is that Bergen is located perfectly in the middle of the Hardangerfjord in the south and the Sognefjord in the north and that makes it a great starting point for exploring the fjords! In Bergen you have a wide selection of fjord cruises all year.

Bergen is surrounded by seven mountains and the mountains have beautiful hiking areas and marked hiking trails. Fløyen and Ulriken are the most popular and you can even take the hike called  "Vidden" between the two.

Do you want to challenge yourself, why not try the new Zipline on Ulriken? Enjoy a great view of the city while hovering for 300 meters in the direction of Fløyen! You can book the Zipline and many other activities at

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