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Over 100 kilometres of natural trails – Trysil is great for MTB fans, but it can be tricky to know where to go. Trysilguidene will get you on the right track.

It is a hot, sunny day and the trails are bone-dry. Standing outside the Radisson Blu Hotel, cycling guide Robin von Braun is ready for a ride. He is going to meet two keen mountain bikers who have booked a two-hour tour with Trysilguidene. Steve Glazebrook and Johan Persson are looking forward to covering new ground today.

“Trysil is full of excellent trails, but it can be hard to know where they are”, Johan Persson says. “Trysilguidene know the local terrain inside and out, including the hidden gems. They also know where the conditions are the best at the time of the excursion.”

Planning a trail cycling trip in Trysil

Photo: Peter Petrowskji

A suitable challenge

After a chat with Steven and Johan, Robin knows which level they're at and has an idea of what kind of biking experience they are after today. Based on this information, he proposes cycling eastward. They will cross the Trysilelva river and bike through the centre of Trysil. From there, they are going uphill.

“We are going to ride up Bergvegen towards Ås and go around Bjønnåsen, where there’s a great descent with lots of flow that will fit these guys. We can choose to go down along Ljørdalsvegen or Gravavegen. Today, I think that Ljørdalsvegen is our best choice. It is quite technical, which will be a good challenge for them”, Robin concludes.

Improve your technique

Steve and Johan have quite a lot of previous cycling experience. But they are open to suggestions, tips and tricks from the guide – the more they learn, the more fun they will have. Every once in a while they stop, get off their bikes and discuss the terrain.

“We are happy to help our guests develop their technique”, Robin says. “Even small tricks and adjustments can make a big difference. And it’s really useful to stop and assess the terrain, as we are doing today, and go through how to do the perfect jump.”

Trail cycling in a forest near Trysil

Photo: Peter Petrowskji

Back at the hotel, Robin recaps the trip. The guys are happy, but they are far from finished for today. As soon as Robin has pointed out a few more trails on the map, they are back on their bikes and wave goodbye as they're off on a new MTB adventure.

Robin’s favourite gem in Trysil

From Bjønnåsen and down Sponbergvegen (number 96) to Skumlesvingen (number 84). This trail has a bit of everything. It starts off easy and allows you to work up a lot of flow and speed, and at the end it is very technical. Along the way you will pass large rocks and roots, and it is pretty steep in places.

Top tips for trail cycling in Trysil

Bring a backpack with water, a spare bike tube, maps, a first aid kit and energy snacks or something else to eat.

Trail riding is great as a social activity. Bring some friends along!

Remember to charge your mobile phone fully before you set out. You will need it to take pictures, of course, but it will also come in handy if you need to call for help. Feel free to share your pictures on social media under the hashtag #trysilbikearena.

Cycling in Trysil

Family-friendly Trysil has become a hot spot for summer cycling holidays. Trysil Bike Arena has 100 kilometres of natural single tracks as well as kilometre after kilometre of constructed cycling paths.


The high season runs from 15 June to 15 October. The trails are open as long as there is no snow.

Read more about cycling in Trysil.

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