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Overview of Trysil and the Trysil Ski Resort in winter Overview of Trysil and the Trysil Ski Resort in winter
Photo: Ola Matsson /

Enjoy nature’s own theme park

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Family-friendly Trysil is Norway’s largest ski destination. Surrounded by unspoilt nature, Trysil was one of the first holiday spots in Europe to achieve the prestigious Sustainable Tourism certification.

First steps in ski school in Trysil
Ski school in Trysil
Ola Matsson
Cross-country skiing in Trysil
Trysil / Hans Martin Nys?ter
Radisson Blu Mountain Resort & Residences, Trysil
Radisson Blu Mountain Resort & Residences, Trysil
Ola Matsson /
Snowboarding in Trysil Snowpark
Ola Matsson /
Cycling in Trysil
Jonas Hasselgren / Utefoto
Whitewater rafting in Trysil
Johan Wildhagen/Palookaville

A sustainable destination

Many places follow sustainable principles, but being certified as a sustainable destination is an honour few qualify for. It takes years of work demonstrating a lasting commitment to providing the best possible experiences for the guests, whilst keeping the negative impact of tourism to a minimum. In addition, the destination must work to continually improve its business practices and relations with the local community, whilst safeguarding their natural and cultural assets, history, and traditions.

Find out more about sustainability in Norway

Sustainable destination

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