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A holiday with an Olympic feel

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The Lillehammer region is known to the world for the Olympic winter games in 1994 and the Netflix series Lilyhammer. Go there for real and take part in entertaining skiing and other nature based and cultural activities.

Cross-country skiing in Sjusj?en
CH /
Hunderfossen Family park
Ian Brodie
Outdoor concert in Rondablikk
Ian Brodie /
Horseback riding in Espedalen
Ian Brodie/
Lillehammer Olympiapark
Lillehammer Olympiapark
Esben Haakenstad
Lillehammer Art Museum
CH /
Hunderfossen Family park
Esben Haakenstad

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Getting here and around

Get in-depth travel information at Lillehammer’s official website.

  • Lillehammer train

    By train

    The regional train service between Oslo and Lillehammer runs between 12 and 20 times daily.

    The train between Oslo and Trondheim stops in Lillehammer.

    Ad: Check out NSB’s webpage for prices and timetables.

  • Lillehammer bus

    By bus

    There are regular bus connections to Lillehammer and other destinations in the area from Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen.

    Read more about bus transport in the Lillehammer region.

  • Lillehammer car

    By car

    Lillehammer is located around 2 hours from Oslo, 5 hours from Trondheim, and 5 hours from Ålesund.

    Ad: AutoEurope - always a smooth rental experience.

  • Lillehammer local

    Local travel

    Lillehammer skysstasjon, Ringebu Skysstasjon and Vinstra skysstasjon are the main hubs for buses, trains and taxis in the area.

    There are frequent bus services from Lillehammer city centre to most of the city’s attractions, including the ski resorts and the family park Hunderfossen.

    Read more about local transport in the Lillehammer region.

  • Lillehammer plane

    By plane

    Oslo Airport is Norway’s national air hub, located about 1 hour and 40 minutes by road from Lillehammer.

    All trains between Oslo and Lillehammer stop at Oslo Airport.

    There is also a bus connection from Oslo Airport to Lillehammer and other locations in the Gudbrandsdalen valley.

    Ad: Widerøe - the largest regional airline in Scandinavia.

Seasons and climate


Photo: m_dickson/Foap/
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Lillehammer also offers …

There is no need to wait until you’re here to find out what you’d like to do. Filter your search and check out the offers below.

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