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People walking along the river in Drammen People walking along the river in Drammen
Photo: Geir Dahl / VisitDrammen

The great makeover

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A few decades ago Drammen had a reputation for being a somewhat grey industrial town. Today, however, you are greeted by fashionable surroundings and a modern city beach.

Bragernes Torg in Drammen centre
Geir Dahl / Visit Drammen
Union Bridge in Drammen centre
Knut Arne Gjertsen / Foap /
Beach life in Drammen
Geir Dahl / VisitDrammen
Cycling in Drammen
Torbj?rn Tandberg
Drammen water park facility
Geir Dahl / VisitDrammen
Summer in Drammen
Geir Dahl / VisitDrammen

Find activities and attractions

Enjoy the things the Drammen region has to offer, like gorge jumping at Kjøsterudjuvet Canyon, play golf in picturesque surroundings, try salmon fishing in the Drammenselva river, or get the urban vibes with several shopping opportunities and restaurant alternatives.

Getting here and around

  • Drammen train

    By train

    Several trains stop in Drammen, including the trains from Oslo to Bergen, Kristiansand and Stavanger, making this one of the busiest stations in Norway.

    The Airport Express train Flytoget has a direct connection to Oslo Airport. You can also take the somewhat cheaper local train, which takes a bit longer.

    Ad: Check out NSB’s webpage for prices and timetables.

  • Drammen bus

    By bus

    Drammen is an important nexus for regional travel and has many and frequent connections by bus to elsewhere in Norway. Drammen is only a 40 minute drive from Oslo. Visit the Nor-Way Bussekspress website for prices and timetables.

    There are several options for local bus transportation in the Drammen region.

  • Drammen boat

    By boat

    Drammen is not far from Oslo, which has ferry connections to Fredrikshavn and Copenhagen in Denmark, as well as Kiel in Germany.

    Sandefjord is only 1 hour drive from Drammen, and offers daily ferry services with Color Line and Fjord Line to and from Strömstad in Sweden.

    From Larvik near Sandefjord, there is a ferry service to and from Hirtshals in Denmark.

  • Drammen car

    By car

    Drammen is a region with a well developed infrastructure. The main artery of the road network in the region is the E18, which stretches from Oslo through Drammen and all the way to Kristiansand in the south.

    The E18 is a toll road if you cross Oslo’s borders.

    Rv23 and E134, two other main roads in Southern Norway, also meet in Drammen.

    Ad: AutoEurope - always a smooth rental experience

  • Drammen plane

    By plane

    Oslo Airport Gardermoen and Torp Sandefjord Airport are both international airports within 1 hour drive from Drammen. Oslo Airport is the major nexus for air travel in Norway, and has excellent connections for both foreign and domestic flights.

    From Oslo Airport you can catch Flytoget directly to Drammen.

    Ad: Widerøe - the largest regional airline in Scandinavia

The Drammen region also offers …

There is no need to wait until you’re here to find out what you’d like to do.

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