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Two people enjoying the view of Rondane national park Two people enjoying the view of Rondane national park
Rondane national park.
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A taste of the highlands

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At once tranquil and sublime, Rondane National Park is an ideal place to experience the mountains and highlands of Eastern Norway.

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Sohlbergplassen Viewpoint
CH /
Couple skiing in the Rondane mountains
Cross-country skiing in the Rondane mountains
C.H. -
Rondvassbu cabin
Anders Gjengedal -
Horse-back riding by Venabu Fjellhotell
Horseback riding by Venabu Fjellhotell
CH -
Autumn in Oppland
Marked hiking trails
Anders Gjengedal -
Moose in Rondane National Park
Roger Brendhagen

Winter in Rondane


Getting here and around

By road:
  • All communication north/south bound in Norway will take you to the small town of Otta beside the main road E6. From here it is only a 30-minute drive drive up the mountain roads to either Mysuseter, Grimsdalen or Høvringen.
  • Rondane is located about four hours from Oslo, seven hours from Bergen, seven hours from Stavanger and three and a half hours from Trondheim by car.
By train:
  • NSB, the Norwegian state railways, has several daily departures from Oslo to Otta (approximately three and a half hours) and from there you can get to Rondane by local bus or taxi.
By boat:
  • During the summer season (July and August) you can experience the wild and narrow Lake Rondvatnet with a passenger boat.

Rondane also offers ...

There is no need to wait until you´re here to find out what you´d like to do.


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