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Video Thumbnail - youtube - Oslo is Cool in the Winter Video Thumbnail - youtube - Oslo is Cool in the Winter Oslo
Video Thumbnail - youtube - Oslo is Cool in the Winter Oslo
Oslo is Cool in the Winter.
Photo: VisitOSLO

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新疆福利彩彩票时时彩:Things to do in Oslo

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Winter in Oslo

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Combine the buzz and nightlife of the capital with skiing and loads of fresh air in the deepest of forests. The city’s parks are transformed into white wonderlands where children play in the snow and enjoy toboggan runs. And do not be surprised if you see people go to work on skis in the very centre of the city.

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Welcome to Oslo Vinterpark The alpine centre in the middle of Oslo.
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Think reasons, not seasons

In spring, summer and autumn the city is well suited for walks or bicycles and the many public parks attract huge crowds whenever the sun comes out. The Oslofjord has great possibilities for swimming, sightseeing and island hopping, and the forests surrounding the city are popular hiking and biking destinations for locals. 

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See what’s on in Oslo

Oslo has one of Europe’s most exciting music scenes, with more concerts than any other Scandinavian city. Big venues bring in the international superstars, whilst Oslo’s clubs host thousands of concerts every year.

Annual festival highlights include The Norwegian Wood Music Festival, the Øya Festival, the Inferno Festival, Oslo Jazz Festival and Oslo Chamber Music Festival, which all attract world-class musicians and thousands of music fans to Oslo.

There is always something on at Oslo’s many dance, show and sports venues. The entertainment on offer ranges from world-class opera, ballet and classical music in the Opera House and Oslo Concert Hall to big sports events like the Bislett Games and Holmenkollen’s skiing and biathlon competitions.

Get in-depth information on Oslo’s official website.

Oslo also offers …

No need to wait until you’re here to find out what you’d like to do. Explore right now!

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