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Video Thumbnail - youtube - SKAM tour in Oslo Video Thumbnail - youtube - SKAM tour in Oslo Oslo
Video Thumbnail - youtube - SKAM tour in Oslo Oslo
SKAM tour in Oslo.
Photo: VisitOSLO

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银狐时时彩登录:Zélia explores SKAM city

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She wanted to see the city of her favourite TV series and was invited to the Norwegian capital by VisitOSLO as one of ten people.

Zélia Monteiro from Paris, France, got to meet one of the main actors of SKAM, see the series iconic locations, and discover that Oslo is much more than you see on the small screen.

“ It was honestly one of the best trips of my life.”

A Parisian walking in the footsteps of SKAM

How did you get hooked on the teen drama SKAM?
“So many people were discussing SKAM on Twitter, but I didn’t want to watch it because I don’t really like to do what everyone else does. But I remained curious, and all of a sudden I had watched the first season. I instantly fell in love with the characters, I liked how it was filmed and how it felt different, true, and inspiring.”

The actor Henrik Holm from SKAM came by when you were sitting at Kaffebrenneriet coffee shop?
“I was so surprised when I spotted him outside the café window. I just said ‘oh my god’ and looked at the VisitOSLO film crew like what did you guys just do. All in all, I was really happy, and later I got to visit SKAM locations like the school the characters go to.”

Oslo Oslo
Photo: VisitOSLO

How is Oslo in real life compared to the impression you get through SKAM?
“I think SKAM explains a lot about Norwegian culture and education, but it doesn’t focus on the beauty of the landscape. It also felt different because they never filmed SKAM when it was snowing, they never filmed in bars, restaurants, or at typical tourist spots, so I discovered a totally new Oslo.”

What else did you experience in Oslo that you haven’t elsewhere?
“I walked barefoot in snow, in a two-piece swimsuit in barely 1 degree Celsius, to access the sauna where my VisitOSLO group was gathering. After the sauna warm-up, we had the choice of jumping into the fjord or into barrels with very cold water, and I chose the last option. I promise you, I could only have done this in Oslo.”

Oslo Oslo
Photo: VisitOSLO

How else does Oslo differ from the rest of the pack? 
“You can actually breathe here, and that’s very rare for a capital. The limited number of tourists is also very cool because you mostly hear Norwegian spoken. It gives you the feeling that this place is special.”

What did you bring home from Oslo?
“I brought back my ski pass, my airport express tickets, my Oslo Pass, and my Kygo concert ticket. They are the kind of souvenirs I really like to keep because they were mine. I also bought a Norwegian flag and the Norwegian children’s book ‘Julius på sydentur’, as I spontaneously got inspired to learn the language.”

What taste of Oslo will you remember?
“I got the chance to eat in the very nice Itamae sushi bar at the Kamai restaurant, and we were served oysters. I loved it so much, and that never happened to me before, so I will definitely never forget that. I also loved the fish cakes and the beer. There are so many good beers in Oslo.”

Kamai, Oslo Kamai, Oslo
Kamai, Oslo.
Photo: VisitOSLO

What advice will you give newcomers in Oslo? 
“Visit museums and parks, and do touristy stuff, but also take the time to walk around and get lost in the streets. Mingle with locals and learn how to greet someone in Norwegian. Everyone is welcoming, kind, and funny. They might be a bit shy at the beginning, but once you break the ice, you discover beautiful people. Cherish the green spaces, and local food and drink. Take a more relaxed approach than you would in big cities like Paris and New York. Oslo is about discovering things you didn’t even know you could see and do. It was honestly one of the best trips of my life.”

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