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Video Thumbnail - youtube - Cool art in Oslo Video Thumbnail - youtube - Cool art in Oslo Oslo
Video Thumbnail - youtube - Cool art in Oslo Oslo
Cool art in Oslo.
Photo: VisitOSLO

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The guests of #visitoslo2018 took time to explore Oslo’s street art, the Munch Museum, the Vigeland Park and Museum, concerts by Kygo and A-ha, and the Oslo Opera House.

Mingling on the cultural scene

If the soul of a city is its art, its culture, and its music, Oslo is quite soulful.

Several of the ten guests of #visitoslo2018 have posted arty pictures on Instagram to show what the people in Oslo are discussing, caring about, and dancing to right now.

Each of them had a personal Oslo friend that they had connected with through Skype and social media well ahead of landing in the capital. The Oslo friends also planned some surprises for the visitors.

The Japanese-Norwegian connection

Japan-based Italian Isabella Allievi says one of her favourite places in her city of residence, Tokyo, is the Fuglen coffee shop of Norwegian origins, where she has met some people from Fuglen Oslo.

"So I was very surprised and happy to get Einar from Fuglen Oslo as my local Oslo friend. Together we went to see the decorative 1930s art in the City hall, and we checked out the Kulturhuset, that I really liked because of the mix of a place to eat, coffee shop and concert scene. We also went to the Astrup Fearnley Museum with architecture by Renzo Piano, where we saw the huge collection of international art. It’s located in the Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen area that felt very modern and different from the rest of the city centre.”

How does Oslo differ from other capitals you have been to?
“Oslo is a city for young people, with a lot of things to do and events to go to. There are many bars, restaurants, cultural spaces and museums.”

Oslo Oslo
Photo: VisitOSLO / Didrick Stenersen

Brazilian Clara meets street art

The guests also found a vibrant art and music scene, and Brazilian Clara Morrison was even taken on an urban hiking to discover open air art.

“As an outdoor, natural light photographer, I love to look for street art, and my Oslo friend Aga understood this and showed me some of the captial’s street art and underground scene. She surprisingly hooked me up with the Oslo based street artist Adrian Platkovsky (, and I learned that although the street art scene in Oslo is savage, it’s easy for everyone to check out at galleries, and of course in the streets.”

How do you sum up your Oslo stay?
“The architecture is gorgeous and the nature is huge, Oslo is the place to be”.

“ Oslo is a city for young people, with a lot of things to do and events to go to.”

Oslo Oslo
Photo: VisitOSLO/Didrick Stenersen

Adriana from Romania also got a taste of art in Oslo

“My local Oslo guide was somebody that I knew only on Instagram, who turned out to be a warm and welcoming person in real life. She shared the history of the Vigeland sculpture park, and later we both enjoyed a guiding to the famous Scream painting of artist Edvard Munch. It was such a personal experience to see Scream and the rest of the collection. My soul was well fed.”

The group of guests of #visitoslo2018 also went to the Oslo Opera House to see why the architecture by Snøhetta has got so much international attention, and to finish off and loosen up, they attended concerts with both A-ha and Kygo, still exploring Oslo like locals.

Follow them on Instagram:
Clara on Instagram:  miss_morisson_in_the_house
Adriana on Instagram: anda_stanciu
Isabella on Instagram: hajimemashiteisabella

More about their Oslo adventure

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