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Video Thumbnail - youtube - Oslo, great food even in the winter Video Thumbnail - youtube - Oslo, great food even in the winter Oslo, great food even in the winter
Video Thumbnail - youtube - Oslo, great food even in the winter Oslo, great food even in the winter
Oslo, great food even in the winter.
Photo: VisitOSLO

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黑龙江时时彩即时开奖:Daniel from Peru savours Oslo

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The whole group of #Visitoslo2018 guests got to eat and drink the best of the Norwegian capital, and Daniel Campos Sanchéz, originally from Peru, reveals the details on the plates and in the glasses.

New tastes he didn't know he liked

Daniel, what is Oslo’s strength foodwise?
“Oslo’s food scene, although young, is very dynamic and varied and the city is rapidly catching up as a culinary destination. And one can definitely find fairly priced dining options. I recommend Le Benjamin for classic French dishes with absolutely amazing Norwegian ingredients, Oslo Raw for world class vegan food, Territoriet vinbar for some of the best wines in town complimented with cheeses and charcuterie, Talor & Jørgen for some of the best donuts I have ever tried, Itamae sushi bar at Kamai for outstanding Japanese food, and Himkok bar to finish off. These are just to name a few, because there are lots of other places I missed, that I have heard only great things about.”

Does food in Norway and Peru have anything in common?
“They do. Not in taste but more in philosophy. Incredibly fresh produce and ingredients put together in simple ways that reflect the nature and the people. I would call it ‘soul food’.”

Why do you think Oslo has become a hub for coffee drinkers, roasters, and baristas?
“First of all, I believe that it has taken some time for Oslo to catch up with the coffee scene, but now that the city have, it’s making up for it. And from what I have heard, Tim Wendelboe is among the coffee gurus that changed the game. I believe that the Norwegian weather forces us, in a good sense of the word, to drink hot beverages, and Oslo’s speciality coffee in particular is absolutely delicious.”

“Oslo is rapidly catching up as a culinary destination.”

Are you always that positive, or do you get picky sometimes? 
“Well, I’ll always try an ingredient I dislike when it’s prepared by a great chef or cook. For example, I hate oysters, but chef Vladimir at Itamae opened our group’s meal with an oyster dish, and it tasted great.”

So seafood is the taste of Oslo that will you remember?
“Well, there were quite a few culinary experiences. At Frognerseteren restaurant in Holmenkollen we ate a traditional Norwegian sour cream porridge with sugar and cinnamon, that was so good. Super heavy, but never mind. And we visited a local bakery and had fresh bread and butter. As plain as it may sound, I loved it!”

Oslo Oslo
Photo: VisitOSLO

When the meal is finished and you hit the streets, how does Oslo differ from other capitals?
“Oslo is very safe, and with all the construction of fancy buildings going on, and the proximity to the water and the forest, it’s simply unique. I also witnessed social integration between immigrants and Norwegians, and I appreciate it a lot. I felt no racism, and to me, that is priceless.”

Is there one advice you would give newcomers in Oslo?
“Yes, let yourself go and don’t make strict plans. The magic of Oslo lies within discovering it on your own, doing what you want to do based on your interests. Talk to locals, engage with them, and ask for their favourite hangouts. Their tips will help you seize the day.”

To learn more about Daniel, follow him on social media:

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