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Video Thumbnail - youtube - Keep it cool in Oslo Video Thumbnail - youtube - Keep it cool in Oslo Oslo
Video Thumbnail - youtube - Keep it cool in Oslo Oslo
Keep it cool in Oslo.
Photo: VisitOSLO

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时时彩稳赚技巧:Adriana and Tor test the urban winter

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Adriana Stanciu from Romania and Tor Johansen from USA are two of the #visitoslo2018 guests who were challenged in winter activities only minutes from Oslo city centre by public transport.

In one moment you can stroll around in dress shoes in downtown Oslo, in the next you might stand above the clouds ready for alpine or cross-country skiing, or to hurl yourself down the toboggan run of Korketrekkeren on a sledge.

“ The perfect city to spend as much time outside as possible.”

Feeling like Olympians

Adriana, how comfortable did you feel when sliding down the 2,000 metres long toboggan run?
“There was nothing scary about it, just a lot of action and fun in the winter wonderland of Oslo. I felt both like an Olympian and like a child again. And it took barely ten minutes to sweep down the two kilometres of Korketrekkeren.”

The snowy toboggan run was just a warm-up to alpine skiing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing?
“Yes, and skiing was on the top of my wish list. I put skis on my feet for the first time in my life at Oslo Winter Park, and it was awesome. Cross-country skiing through the forest was the highlight of my stay in Oslo. What more can you wish for than a silent forest, pure white snow, and the freshest air ever? It made me fall in love with this sport, which I intend to continue practising.”

Oslo Oslo
Photo: VisitOSLO

How do you like the unusual mix of nature and urban life in Oslo?
“The forest so close to the city makes Oslo a magical place. It’s all a wonderful, natural playground, and I envy the residents of Oslo this beautiful combination.”

Tor, how did your brave group of #visitoslo2018 find time to eat?
“After sledging, Frognerseteren restaurant was conveniently right there, and it felt very special and authentic. I loved all the food, from the dried reindeer to the bread and vegetables. But the highlight for me was the Norwegian Rømmegrøt, which was like a sour cream porridge. I was hesitant at first, but I discovered that it was an elegant treat topped with a dusting of cinnamon. It was absolutely delicious and something that I will try to make at home when I get back.”

Adriana, do you feel more fit after your sporty efforts? 
“I’m an outdoorsy person, and it was the perfect city to spend as much time outside as possible in. And next time I’m in Oslo, there are a lot more things to do.”

What advice you would pass on to future Oslo visitors? 
“Enjoy the clean, subarctic landscape. Have gratitude and appreciation for the people and culture of Norway, as there is a great value attached to closeness to nature and a simple lifestyle. Let yourself be infused with the adoration of nature.”

Tor, how else does Oslo differ from other capitals?
“Oslo’s public transportation is amazing. It’s easy and effortless to get around, especially with the Oslo Pass. I was so impressed. And you can often choose between train, tram, metro, and bus. Despite the visit being so short, I was able to hop around so quickly in the city that I could see and do so much, all because of a well-planned, well executed public transit plan. Los Angeles has a lot to learn from you guys.”

When the many winter activities came to an end, Tor, Adriana and the rest of the group of #visitoslo2018 got to their warm rooms at Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel with their lungs filled with crisp air. There, they slept like logs.


Et innlegg delt av Tor Johansen (@torphoto)

More about their Oslo adventure

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