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Video Thumbnail - youtube - Oslo is Cool in the Winter Video Thumbnail - youtube - Oslo is Cool in the Winter Oslo
Video Thumbnail - youtube - Oslo is Cool in the Winter Oslo
Oslo is Cool in the Winter.
Photo: VisitOSLO

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Ten open-minded, but rather picky social media active people from all over the world flew in to check out what Oslove is all about. They got help from locals with insider vibes.

To put your feet in a totally new city and, and as here, in its ice bathing facilities, can make anyone feel reluctant, or just lost. This story became quite the opposite – but when our ten guests stepped out onto the crispy snow of Oslo Airport, that was far from the obvious outcome.

They visit Oslo for the first time and get hooked

All the fun was kick-started when Lonely Planet suddenly blinked out Oslo as one of best cities on the planet to visit in 2018. Ten people were then chosen by VisitOSLO from hundreds of applicants, to see for themselves if the authoritative guide spoke the truth.

The modernist Maaemo restaurant of three Michelin stars has already inspired other places to eat in Oslo to lift fresh, local ingredients to new culinary heights. At several places, your coffee is served by world-leading baristas, and bars like Himkok is listed amongst the most exiting the world. So the blessing of Lonely Planet didn’t come totally out of the blue – but still?

The Oslo way of life is simply different from other cities, sometimes literally refreshing. For example, the guests were invited to experience ice bathing in the Oslofjord from the sauna vessel KOK Oslo, just in time to build up an appetite for lunch.

“Jumping into the icy water from the sauna and then being told to talk in front of the cameras of VisitOSLO is one of the best experiences of my life”, says Daniel Campos Sanchéz, originally from Peru.

“Oslo is about discovering the things you wanted to and the ones you didn’t even know you could see!” -Zélia Monteiro

Oslo Oslo
Photo: VisitOSLO

Zélia Monteiro from France quickly adds that “Oslo is not about adding one more city to your bucket list, it’s all about discovering the things you wanted to and the ones you didn’t even know you could see. This was honestly one of the best trips of my life.

Our ten guests’ SoMe accounts have quickly been updated with numerous spontaneous posts which hint to an unusual mix of urbanity and close to nature experiences. “You can actually breathe in Oslo, and that’s very rare for a capital”, Zélia says.

These ten Oslo stories may have some of the non-committal qualities of a blind date, as Oslo and the travellers hadn’t met before. Although Daniel has a longer perspective for his relationship with Oslo:

“I had such a great time that I would actually move to Oslo to live for a period of time, to promote it to the world. People need to see it and experience it. What a beautiful and amazing town!”

More about their Oslo adventure

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