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Video Thumbnail - vimeo - Table tales – Food culture Oslo Video Thumbnail - vimeo - Table tales – Food culture Oslo Mat og drikke i Oslo
Video Thumbnail - vimeo - Table tales – Food culture Oslo Mat og drikke i Oslo
Table tales – Food culture Oslo - EN.
Photo: Bleed / True Stories /

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The capital of fresh ingredients

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From three-star Michelin and Nordic cuisine phenomenon Maaemo to street food on the corner. Oslo offers a vast range of vibrant restaurants, cafés, and bars.

Tim Wendelboe
Tim Wendelboe, Oslo
Anders Valde
Maaemo, Oslo
Maaemo, Oslo
Bandar Abdul-Jauwad
GoGrilla, Oslo
Foodtruck Gogrilla, Oslo
Mathallen, Oslo
Mathallen, Oslo
St?le Felberg/Mathallen
Vulkan bee garde, Oslo
Vulkan biodling, Oslo
St?le Felberg/Mathallen
Vippa, Oslo
VisitOSLO/Tord Baklund

Oslo for seafood lovers

Shortly after the catch, the fish and other seafood are served right on your plate. Enjoy everything from a new take on fish and chips to sushi meals that are awarded the best in world.

Michelin-starred restaurants in Oslo

In addition to three-star restaurant Maaemo, Galt, Statholdergaarden, and Kontrast each hold one star. All four offer unforgettable tastes based on Norwegian ingredients.

Oslo for carnivores

Just follow the scent from the open fire grill, and you will stumble into one of Oslo’s many new places to eat that have made meat their specialty and pride.

Meals with great views

Of course you can eat the view – Oslo is idyllically situated right between the fjord and huge areas of nature, and some of the greatest places to eat and drink are amongst the best viewing points.

Social eating in Oslo

Mingling and eating has long traditions in Oslo, and more than ever you can now eat like – and with – the local urbans in food halls or restaurants with shared tables.

In for coffee, wine, beer, or drinks?

In Oslo, what you drink is taken as seriously as your food, and is just as carefully prepared. Coffee baristas, beer brewers, sommeliers, and bartenders are queuing up to impress you in the capital, where the tap water is considered the purest thing you can put into your system.

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