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Langedrag, Nesbyen in Hallingdal Langedrag, Nesbyen in Hallingdal Langedrag, Nesbyen in Hallingdal
Langedrag, Nesbyen in Hallingdal Langedrag, Nesbyen in Hallingdal
Langedrag, Nesbyen in Hallingdal.
Photo: Langedrag, Nesbyen, Hallingdal
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Sleep tight in Hallingdal

There is everything from historical hotels with long traditions of hospitality to high standard cabins, apartments and camping cabins. Choose to live untraditionally on a farm or high mountain farm, in cosy Hallingstuer or stabbur, or in small mountain lodges, luxury hotels of the highest class, or in Norways first five star adventure holiday park.

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Hotels - High mountain hotels
Experience local traditions at one of the small, family-run hotels, or choose a larger resort with activities, gourmet food and bathing facilities or a spa.

There are a number of attractive campsites in the Hallingdal region, many of them located along the main roads, in the mountains or off the beaten track. There is also a range of cabins available to rent, ranging from simple and relatively cheap to spacious and well-equipped.

Cabins and holiday apartments
Cosy cabins and apartments of different standards are available for from four to 20 people. Several booking enterprises act as intermediaries for rented cabins.

Mountain inns
If you want to stay somewhere intimate and close to nature, try one of the many mountain inns in the area. They usually provide direct access to beautiful mountain areas with fishing lakes and bathing opportunities.

Motels and youth hostels
Motels and youth hostels offer basic, reasonably priced accommodation and straightforward food. They are often situated by the crossroads along the main roads.

Guest farms – high mountain farms
Some of the high mountain farms offer overnight accommodation – and an experience you will not forget. Staying in a farm allows you to get close to Norwegian culture, in a traditional environment with a pleasant atmosphere that provides a feeling of peace and calm.

Find Accomodation of any type - anywhere in Hallingdal
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