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时时彩开奖号码查询:Lift ticket

Skiing at Kikut view to Geilo skiing
Skiing at Kikut view to Geilo.
Photo: Vegard Breie

Prices lift tickets

Lift ticket type Youth 7-17/Senior 62+ Price adult 18+
Smartcard NOK 50 NOK 50
2 hours NOK 270 NOK 345
Afternoon (after 12:00 noon) NOK 310 NOK 400
Evening NOK 155 NOK 195
One time ticket NOK 65 NOK 65
Token pass NOK 395 NOK 505
1 day NOK 345  NOK 440 
2 days NOK 660  NOK 845 
3 days NOK 915  NOK 1175
4 days NOK 1110 NOK 1420
5 days NOK 1275 NOK 1645
6-8 days NOK 1510 NOK 1920
9 days NOK 1600 NOK 2035
10 days NOK 1695 NOK 2165
11 days NOK 1790 NOK 2280
12 days NOK 1885 NOK 2405
13 days NOK 1975 NOK 2520
14 days NOK 2070 NOK 2640
Parept pass 3 days Can be shared between 2 adults NOK 1525
Parent pass 4 days NOK 1850
Parent pass 5 days NOK 2180
Foreldrepass 6-8 dager NOK 2545
Season pass Geilo and Hallingskarvet  NOK 2350 (retail NOK 4300) NOK 2955 (retail NOK 5250)
Season pass family package For 2 adults and up to 3 youth 7-17 years. NOK 10.175 (retail NOK 23250)

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All prices subject to change.

Two people with twin tip skis jumping together in one of Geilos terrain parks

Children under 7 years rides free of charge, but will need a keycard.

Senior card from 62 years, same price as children 7-16 yrs.

Liftpasses purchased online may be collected at any liftpass-office at Geilo.


  • All rates are in Norwegian Krone (NOK). No liability is accepted for misprints or any changes in prices due to increased Public fees.
  • No refund is given for ski passes in the event of operational shut-downs due to circumstances that are not under the operatior’s control such as bad weather, power failures, technical defects etc.
  • In case of illness or injury, the owner of the pass shall be entitled to a refund for the time the ski pass cannot be used. On request, illness or injury shall be documented by means of a medical certificate. The ski pass shall be turned in as quickly as possible. A refund will only be given to those who are ill or injured. No refunds are given for the purchase of an hour pass, day pass or token pass.
  • Ski passes bought online can be picked up in all ski pass receptions in Geilo (Vestlia, Geiloheisen, Havsdalen, Slaatta, Kikut and in our reception in the Touristoffice).
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